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Family Feud: Ewan McGregor's Daughter Slams His Girlfriend As "A Piece Of Trash"�

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One of Hollywood's messiest cheating scandals just added a new chapter.

Months after Star Wars actor Ewan McGregor divorced his wife of more than 20 years, his daughter is obviously still very upset.

And it's obvious she has no problem telling McGregor's new girlfriend exactly what's on her mind.

Caught Cheating With His Co-Star

Ewan McGregor
McGregor and Mary Elizabeth Winstead.Marksman / MEGA

Late last year, photographers caught Fargo star Ewan McGregor, 47, kissing his co-star Mary Elizabeth Winstead, 33.

The problem? The actors were both married to other people when they were caught smooching.

Winstead divorced director Riley Streams soon after, while McGregor and his wife Eve Mavrakis, 52, stayed married as he publicly dated Winstead.

McGregor and his ex-wife Eve Mavrakis.FilmMagic

It was an upsetting story, since McGregor and Mavrakis had been married 22 years, and have four children together.

I'd like to thank my wife...and my mistress.

Just when it looks like things couldn't get any worse, McGregor added insult to injury in his Golden Globes acceptance speech.

While accepting an acting award for Fargo, McGregor thanked his estanged wife.

"I want to take a moment to thank Ev, who always stood beside me for 22 years and my four children, I love you," he said.

But then while thanking his co-stars, McGregor said "there would be no Rey without Mary Elizabeth Winstead, so thank you very much."

Fans were quick to spot that the actor tried to get away with thanking the two women in his life at once, and didn't think much of McGregor for it.

McGregor and Winstead.FilmMagic

When reached for comment by The Daily Mail, Mavrakis said, "No, I did not like the speech. For the same reasons you are here asking me about it."

She later told The Sun the situation was "disappointing and upsetting but my main concern is our four children are OK."

The couple divorced in March.

Family Feud

Warning: this video contains strong language.

Made you a man- by me 🎸:)

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McGregor's two oldest children, 22-year-old Clara and 15-year-old Esther, didn't hide their feelings about McGregor and Winstead's behavior.

Esther released an angry and emotional song called "Made You A Man," full of references to her father.

"Seeing those pictures, they're making me cry," Esther sang. "I don't know to forgive. I don't know if I can. Ruining me sure made you a man."

"Happy birthday to me, am I right?" she added, because The Sun printed pictures of McGregor kissing Winstead on her birthday.

Clara McGregor - Twitter

Clara also cropped her father out of a family photo after news of his affair broke.

"How ----- gorgeous is my mama?" she wrote. "Strongest, smartest most loving woman I know. My rock."

"This girl is a piece of trash."

Months later, Clara is still letting her father, his new girlfriend, and their fans know how she feels about McGregor's relationship.

Clara took to a fan page for Winstead, responding to praise for the actress in a comment.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead
mary_elizabeth_winstead - Instagram

"Most beautiful and talented woman on earth?" she wrote, with a laughing emoji. "Oh man y'all are delusional. This girl is a piece of trash."

Fans note this isn't the first time Clara has spoken her mind about Winstead.

In an Instagram comment from last year, Clara called Winstead "a scumbag" and "pure trash."

W Magazine / Clara McGregor - Instagram

On the other hand, it looks like Esther has learned to forgive and forget her dad's indiscretions.

Boating 🚤🚤

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She shared a happy family photo of herself with McGregor on Instagram the same day Clara lashed out at Winstead.

Is it right to hold a grudge against a cheater? Or is it better to move on?

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