An Artist Makes Tiny Felt Animal Sculptures, And They're Just Too Cute

Anastasia Zharkova - Livemaster

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They say that you'll know art when you see it, and the moment I laid eyes on these tiny, fuzzy sculptures I knew they were masterpieces.

They're made and sold by by Anastasia Zharkova of Russia, who has experience building wire models for stop-motion animated films.

Like those models, her adorable felt figurines of cats, dogs, and mice are fully posable, so most of them can sit, stand, and move their arms.

While most of Zharkova's crafts are just four inches tall, they pack a lot of personality.

And in case you're curious, yes, she does ship her figurines overseas. Just in case you needed a gift for someone special (or a pair of adorable mice for yourself).

Visit Zharkova's online store to see more of her amazing work, or to order some for yourself!

What do you think of these adorable crafts?

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