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Firefighters Discover Donkeys Fleeing Wildfires And Their Reaction Warms Everyone's Hearts

Facebook - Sacramento Fire Department

As devastating as these wildfires have been for humans, it has become clear that they aren't the only ones affected. Pets and wild animals alike have been struggling to survive as their homes and habitats are destroyed by wild flames, and it is heartbreaking to see.

As first responders rush around the affected areas, they have been discovering many animals who are lost, injured, and alone, completely overwhelmed by everything that is going on.

The Sacramento Fire Department just shared some photos of a strange situation they faced, showing just how much this fire is affecting everyone and every creature.

The firefighters were deployed to help contain the spreading flames and make sure that recently hit areas are taken care of when they came across two unusual figures in the smoke.

They were supposed to go investigate an accident involving a fallen tree, but as the two figures emerged, they realized it was two small donkeys slowly walking down the road, clearly lost.

Initially they weren't sure if they needed help or not, but they quickly realized how exhausted they looked. "We pulled over to let them pass, and saw that they looked very tired, worn out and thirsty,"� Firefighter Chris Harvey said to The Dodo. "I tried to give them some water in my hand from a water bottle, but it kept spilling out."�

After getting each of the exhausted animals some water, he reached into his bag and grabbed some apples for them to eat.

"They ate the apples quickly and seemed grateful for the snack,"� Harvey said. "We called base camp and had them dispatch animal control officers to get the donkeys."�

The team of firefighters kept the poor donkeys company while they waited for their rescue, and now they are safe and sound with people who can give them the care they need until they can find their families.

Rescue organizations are frantically trying to get the injured and lost animals safe, and hope to reunite them all with their families when possible.

There are organizations like the Humane Society , California Community Foundation, and the North Valley Animal Disaster Group that are all working extremely hard to help protect the animals affect. If you want to help out, consider donating to their causes.

Source - Animal Channel / The Dodo / Sacramento Fire Department

Let's all hope that the firefighters can get these fires under control soon.