Protect Yourself From Crooked Mechanics And Save $1,000s

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Every year, Americans spend thousands of dollars on repairs they didn't actually need. It's not uncommon to take a car in for one repair and end up paying for two or three extra ones. Trustworthy mechanics do exist, and are a blessing, but what are you supposed to do if you haven't found one yet?

FIXD is the first easy-to-use car diagnostic device that works on your smartphone. It plugs right into your car's onboard diagnostic port (don't worry most cars built after 1996 have them, even if you don't know where yours is) and updates in real time. That means no more wondering what your "check engine" light means, no more worrying about what that strange sound is.

Best of all, it means saving thousands in unnecessary repairs.

FIXD installed in car

FIXD does a lot more than just warn you about problems. It will recommend maintenance on your car based on the make and the mileage and keep a log of all problems detected. This helps you keep your car running far longer than it might otherwise.

You can have many vehicles on one account, which makes it great for families. There's a lot of price options for families or single car homes. One FIXD device will cost $59 plus shipping, but two will cost only $88. You can get 3 for $118 and get free shipping.  

More than 50,000 units are sold daily, which means people are starting to catch on to crooked mechanics.

See what some of the satisfied customers are saying here.

FIXD is a great option for parents or grandparents who might be at risk to scheming mechanics and garages, but it's also amazing protection to own yourself. Many mechanics will charge a diagnostic fee, which usually runs about $70. You won't need that with FIXD, which means it will pay for itself in 1 trip.

You can order yours right here or get any other questions answered.

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