Taco Bell Is Giving Away Free Tacos June 13th

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Who loves free tacos? I know I do. Frankly, I love free anything, but when Taco Bell says they're giving away free tacos, I get even more excited than normal.

That's why today is so exciting: Taco Bell is giving out FREE Doritos Locos Tacos to everyone in America.

Taco Bell

On June 6, Taco Bell announced that they'd be handing out the free snack in honor of the Golden State Warriors "stealing" a road game in the NBA finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers. It was all part of their "steal a game, steal a taco" promotion. They're now inviting everyone in America to "steal" a taco from one of their locations. Don't actually steal it though. They'll give you one.

Everyone who goes to a Taco Bell between 2pm and 6pm on June 13th gets a free Doritos Locos Taco, which is a taco wrapped in a shell made out of Doritos...pretty straight forward but amazingly delicious.

It's the third year in a row that Taco Bell has run this promotion, and every year the good people of America have been granted free tacos. Millions of dollars of tacos are handed out, all because a basketball team won away from home.

Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors looks excited about free tacos!AP Photo

If one free Taco isn't enough for you, one person has an idea on how you can grab more:

"There's a loophole getting 2 or maybe 3 free Tacos," says Steve J Dannunzio. "1. Go to the drive though order the taco, then Go park and go inside ask for another Taco. Then if there's another Taco Bell in your city drive there and do the process all over again. Or take kids with you in car ask for 4 Tacos if you have 4 Kids. Then lie to them and tell them sorry they're for adults :) Clever thinking, eh?"


It's not the only time Taco Bell has offered to give away free tacos, either. During the baseball World Series, they run a similar "steal a base, steal a taco" promotion. If a player in the World Series steals a base, you get a free taco.

How many times do you think I can say "free taco" before it gets old? Just kidding, it'll never get old.

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