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Realtor Says Her Racy Listing Photos Attract Crowds Of Customers

American Advisors Group / Kristin Gyldenege

It's not uncommon for a real estate listing to get nationwide attention - deluxe mansions and celebrity dream homes have always fascinated us.

But a realtor from Houston is under fire for the... let's say, creative, way she enticed people to browse one of her properties.

funny listing photos
Realtor Kristin Gyldenege spiced up her listing photos after a home sat on the market for 40 days.Kristin Gyldenege

The story began when a three-bedroom, two-bathroom home in a Houston suburb had sat on the market for 40 days, prompting its owners to drop their asking price.

Kristin Gyldenege, who already pitches herself as the "Potty Mouth"� realtor, took an unusual approach to make her home more attractive to buyers.

She arranged for a racy photoshoot in the home, featuring a pair of fitness models doing household chores almost in the buff.

funny listing photos
Kristin Gyldenege

Gyldenege says that within just 24 hours, the home's online listing received 20 times more visits than it had in more than a month with regular pictures. She also says the home had six viewings in just one day following the flood of page visits.

"I wanted to show a young couple enjoying the home they just bought. I knew I wanted to appeal to twenty and thirty-somethings, first time home buyers," Gyldenege explained to Fox News.

funny listing photos
Kristin Gyldenege

"I shot the pictures Sunday morning and posted them Sunday afternoon, but Sunday night it had gone viral and by Monday morning the pictures had been removed due to [the Houston Association of Realtors] receiving over 100 complaints," she said.


While the realtor admits her cheeky photos created controversy, she says gripes from "haters" don't matter, as long as she sells the home.

funny listing photos
Kristin Gyldenege

"If you think all a real estate agent brings to the table is take pictures of a house and list it on the internet, you can't see justifying not doing it yourself," she said.

"What agents are forgetting is we are a service. We must pull out all stops and do whatever it takes to make sure our clients walk away happy. It's our duty."

funny listing photos
Kristin Gyldenege

Gyldenege says she'll keep "doing what's best for my client," even if that means upsetting sensitive home buyers.

But despite all the attention, she was still waiting for a serious offer on the home as of last week.

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