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Grandpa Joins His Granddaughter In An Adorable Tap Dance And Becomes A Viral Sensation

YouTube - Jamie J

Spending time with your grandparents is something that many of us take for granted. We don't always appreciate how lucky we are to get to spend time with these wonderful people who want to do nothing more than love us with their whole hearts.

Luckily, one little girl has reminded us all how important it is to take the time to acknowledge our family, and the way she did it is absolutely heartwarming.

Maeve Jones is 10 years old and she loves to tap dance. She takes classes at the From The Top Dance Center in Reading, Massachusetts and when they started planning their summer recital, she knew she wanted to do something special.

The young dancer found out that her love of dance may have actually been handed down from previous generations of dancers, including her grandpa, so she decided that she would ask him to join her for her performance.

Her 72-year-old Grandpa named Bill Jones agreed and committed to attending rehearsals every week to get ready for the recital. He learned it all quickly - including the cartwheel! Seriously, the 72-year-old grandpa did a cartwheel.

"I decided to do a cartwheel again. I hadn't done them in a while,"� Bill revealed. "I used to do a bunch of other tricks, but that's the last trick I have left."�

Bill explained that dancing has been in his family for years, starting back with his grandmother who had been a professional dancer. "[His grandmother] was in vaudeville, probably burlesque, and my father danced, and I danced with him when I was 4 years old,"� he said. "So she's like the fifth generation down from my grandmother."�

Bill and Maeve had six classes together to learn the tap routine and together they totally stole the show and completely took over all of Facebook.

Their video has over 11 million views and thousands of comments. People are completely in love with the pair's adorable routine, and Maeve herself is really proud of what they did.

"It's crazy,"� Maeve said. "My mom says my grandfather loves to dance, and I asked him if he wanted to do a tap duel with me, and we did it. And it's amazing."�

They've got quite a few fans now, all of them saying sweet and supportive comments.

Some people even called out their partners saying that they better do the same if they get the opportunity.

Their dance is absolutely exactly what the world needs right now. Just a sweet little reminder that family is what truly matters and will always be there for you no matter what.

Watch there adorable routine, I guarantee it'll brighten your day!

Source - YouTube - Jaime J / WHDH / Fox News 13

Would you have wanted to do something like this with your Grandpa?