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Officers Enlist Citizens To Help Arrest "Grinches" This Holiday Season In Viral Campaign

Universal Studios / Fort Worth Police Department

Police officers obviously have a lot to worry about. They've got to protect the citizens from criminal activity, and if anything does go wrong, they will be held responsible for fixing it.

Citizens look to cops to keep them safe, but every once and a while, the cops enlist the help of their town to ensure that they are giving their attention where it's needed.

A new program has been introduced in Fort Worth, Texas, to help keep their citizens feeling safe this holiday season, and the announcement has caught a lot of attention.

Their program is called "Operation Grinch Pinch" and they are hoping to catch people stealing packages from doorsteps.

These thieves apparently grab packages left behind by delivery drivers, but now those "Grinches" in Fort Worth are going to want to think twice.

The hilarious Dr. Seuss parody video shows that a "Packety-Trackety" that is being hidden inside of a package, used to catch the thief, but in real world the device won't be so obvious.

The police revealed that they will be using fake packages with the GPS devices hidden inside. If one of these bait packages is stolen, the GPS will send the coordinates to the cops who will be able to arrest this "Grinch" who tried to steal Christmas.

They have signed up a number of volunteers across the city who will act as the homes for the bait packages, all of which have home monitoring systems complete with video to give the cops an extra edge when convicting the criminals.

The police sergeant isn't trying to hide the fact that they are doing this though. While some people may assume that they may want to make it a bit sneakier, Sgt. Chris Britt has other hopes.

"We want people to know that we're doing this. We'd rather give people the opportunity to not commit a crime."

In a perfect world, no one would have to deal with stolen packages this holiday season, but at least now one police department has a clever way to try and combat it.

Source - WFAA / Fox 10

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