5 Things That Will Make You Want The Grinch To Steal Your Christmas

Since we first saw the big mean and green Grinch in the pages of Dr. Suess' immortal How The Grinch Stole Christmas we have been obsessed. He went to steal Christmas from the lovable whos but instead stole our hearts.

The book made it to TV in 1966 and another legend was born. Almost everyone has seen the special, narrated by Boris Karloff and featuring the iconic song You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch by Thurl Ravenscroft. Over thirty years later another iconic chapter in the Grinch legacy was written, when Jim Carrey brought the tale to the big screen.

Now, 18 years after he was last in theaters, The Grinch is back and better than ever. That makes it the perfect time to bring him into your home.

Here are 5 ways you can Grinchify your life:

Grinch Plushie

Build-a-Bear has a new line of Grinch bears that are freaking adorable. They have a big Grinch plushie that is of course completely customizable. It starts at about $25 and goes up from there.

Grinch BAND-AID Brand Bandages

Grinch Bandaids

The Grinch is a thorny character, so he knows a thing or two about cuts and bruises. That makes him perfect on BAND-AIDS for your kids. A cute bandage helps make the pain go away and you can get these at most mass retailers like Target or Walmart.

Max Argyle Long Sleeve Onesie

The Grinch is actually pretty cute, but his dog Max is adorable. You know what's even more adorable? A baby in a Max onesie. Amazon has just the thing for babies 3-6 months.

Grinch Mug

I can picture myself drinking from this Grinch coffee mug on Christmas morning as my kids open up presents I got them after telling them there was no way I was going to get them that.

Christmas Ornaments

He steals trees, but his ornaments make them shine. There's a whole line of Grinch Christmas ornaments which are truly magically. Some can be quite expensive, but others are perfect even on a Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

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