Bride Prepares For Wedding With Her "Brosmaids" In Hilarious Photos

Fernando Duque

Some women are proud to consider themselves "one of the guys," and brag about how they get along with men better than women.

That was definitely the case for 24-year-old Rebeca Abrantes, a Brazilian woman who had trouble finding five female friends to fill out her wedding party in 2017.

The computer engineering student took a different approach instead, picking five close guy friends to be her "brosmaids," and taking hilarious pictures with them to mark the special occasion.

In the cute photos, Abrantes' wedding party - all clad in pink robes - bond over activities like shaving their legs while helping the bride-to-be get ready.

Abrantes said the guys were the ones who actually came up with the concept for the silly photo shoot.

"My hairdresser and makeup artist wanted to do a test drive," she told Today. "They (the guys) were like, 'We want to come with you and we want to wear pink robes for photos!'"

Abrantes ran with their idea, coming up with a "making of" theme that saw the guys acting like bridesmaids getting ready for the big day.

While Abrantes was anxious about asking the boys to join her wedding party, they made the best of the very silly photo shoot. "We laughed and had so much fun," she said.

Her husband, who is also friends with the unusual bridesmaids, loved the idea too. But sadly, they didn't get to join in the wedding ceremony, since Brazilian tradition holds that just the newlyweds and their family stand at the altar.

And no, the guys didn't show up to the ceremony in matching bridesmaid dresses either.

"The boys wore their formal dress," Abrantes explained. "We all had so much fun together."

They definitely don't look like  typical wedding photos, but Abrantes says she still laughs while remembering the quirky photo shoot.

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