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People Are Turning To Hair Tattoos In Order To Avoid Balding

Deccan Chronicles

Getting old sucks. Having to deal with aches, wrinkles, constant sickness, and if that isn't bad enough, your hair also decides to just fall out.

No one likes having to deal with these side effects of aging, but unfortunately for some, they have to deal with it much sooner than anyone else.

This was the case for Mehtap Francis, who was  already balding in her twenties felt like her whole life was slipping away as she kept losing hair with every passing year. Midway through her thirties, she had a noticeable bald patch, and at age 46 she said enough was enough.

"I felt so unhappy and my confidence really went," she said. "I like to look nice but was constantly paranoid about my hair."

Having tried many solutions earlier in her life, she was doubtful of what could be done. Hair pieces that she had glued on only made the problem worse, and no chemical or formula seemed to do anything to stop the hair loss.

That's when she heard about scalp micropigmentation (SMP) procedure, which promised to make her look like new! For Francis, this sounded like a crazy experiment, but she decided to investigate.

The SMP procedure Francis had read about involved tattooing over 40,000 dots onto the top of her head, meant to mimic the look of natural hair.

It sounds super strange, but when she saw how other cases looked, she took a chance on it.

The procedure was a complete success, and now she has the confidence to leave her house again!

The natural remedy was quick, safe, and "almost pain-free," which is not how most people describe their tattoo experience!

It may still be a drastic measure for most, but would you consider a scalp tattoo to prevent aggressive baldness?