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31 Thrifty And Fun Halloween Decorations To Spook Your Neighbors

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The witching hour draws near, and soon it will be Halloween.

This spooky holiday is definitely one of my favorites. There's free candy, plus fun chances to dress up in silly costumes.

If you want to make this Halloween memorable, you don't need to break the bank.

Just start with these must-have Halloween decorations. We promise they're all treats, no tricks!

1. Colorful Ghost String Lights

We're crazy about string lights any time of year, and these are all you need to transform you home for Halloween.

Get them here.

2. Spooky Vintage Cutouts

Feeling nostalgic? Hang these gorgeously drawn vintage cutouts in your window. They're two-sided, so you get to enjoy them indoors as well.

Get them here.

3. Posable Halloween Skeleton

The fun part of this decoration is it can be as silly or spooky as you choose, depending on the pose and clothes you give your skeleton.

Get it here.

4. Inflatable Vampire Coffin Cooler

No Halloween party is complete with a smiling Dracula to guard the cold drinks. Try using some dry ice with it for a spooky effect.

Get it here.

5. Lighted "Happy Halloween" Sign

Who says you can't celebrate Halloween with flair? This electric sign tells trick-or-treaters, "The good stuff is here."

Get it here.

6. Halloween Train Yard Decoration

All a-boo-ard! Next stop, Halloween Town!

Get it here.

7. Paper Lanterns (5-pack)

These glowing lanterns are fun but still classy, and the only decoration you need to get your home ready for the big night.

Get them here.

8. Candy Bowl Holder

These cute pieces are a great choice when you won't be home for trick-or-treaters. You can choose Frankenstein's monster, a ghost, the grim reaper, or a pumpkin man.

Get it here.

9. Halloween Pillow Covers

This four-pack is an easy way to redecorate your living room for a Halloween party - then pack up the covers and save them for next year.

Get them here.

10. Ouija Board

Whether you treat it as a creepy decoration or actually try to commune with spirits is up to you.

Get it here.

11. Mega Spider Web

Eek! Looks like some big bugs have made a home in your yard.

This web does not include decorative spiders, but you can buy some here.

Get the spider web here.

12. Black Cat Pumpkin Holder

My least favorite part of Halloween is carving a pumpkin. But there's no need, with this kitschy and fun pumpkin holder.

The cat's eyes light up, but there are also dog and turkey models.

Get it here.

13. Hanging Bats

No yard is complete without a few of these classic decorations. These come in a colony of 12.

Get them here.

14. Crashed Witch Ornament

No matter how many times I see these, they still make me laugh!

Get it here.

15. Witch's Cauldron

There are dozens of clever uses for this decoration, including as a candy bowl or a spooky punch bowl.

Get it here.

16. Skeleton Bathroom Door Cover

Trust me, it looks silly but gets a laugh every year.

Get it here.

17. Chalkboard Pumpkin

Draw your own decorations or a funny message on this unique jack-o'-lantern.

Get it here.

18. Danger Tape

Get creative with this decoration and give your home a creepy vibe. It's also useful for sealing away off-limits parts of your home during a party.

Get it here.

19. Family Friendly Yard Stakes

Why creep out your neighbors with faux zombie arms and other ghoulish decorations? These smiling spooks are much more inviting.

Get them here.

20. Halloween Door Hanger

You don't need to go all out to make a good impression on your neighbors. This door hanger is simple but cute.

Get it here.

21. Skeleton Cat

Spooky? Sure, but first and foremost this decoration is just darn cute. He'll keep your home free of ghost mice for sure.

Get it here.

22. "Peek a Boo" Hanging Ghost

He's shy but spooky, and his bendy arms cling around any tree.

Get it here.

23. Cookie Cutters

What's better than watching scary movies with friends? Enjoying some freshly baked cookies in spooky shapes at the same time!

Get them here.

24. Halloween Banners and Stickers (60-piece set)

If you don't want to overdo the Halloween spirit this year, stick to these quick and convenient decorations.

Get them here.

25. "Buried" Witch Legs

Looks like your house landed on someone! Hopefully you gave a pair of ruby slippers handy.

Get them here.

26. Pumpkin Bean Bag Toss

This game is easy to set up, and makes a great alternative to bobbing for apples for younger party guests.

Get it here.

27. Halloween Tablecloth

Know what's really scary? Trying to clean watermarks out of your dinner table! Protect it with this stylish sugar skull design tablecloth.

Get it here.

28. Inflatable Pumpkin

When it's time to go big or go home, you can't go wrong with this six foot tall glowing pumpkin - topped with an adorable arachnid.

Get it here.

29. "Shoes Off Witches" Mat

Get your guests laughing before they even walk in the door with this saucy doormat.

Get it here.

30. Autumn Wreath Garland

This understated and elegant wreath is perfect for Halloween, but you can leave it up all the way through Thanksgiving.

Get it here.

31. Light-up Witch Hats

They're a little funky, a little freaky, and totally unique.

Get them here.

Which of these decorations is your favorite?

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