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Prince Charles Is No Longer The 'Hardest Working Royal', Find Out Who Took The Title

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While a lot of people believe that being a part of the royal family is all fun and games, there is quite a lot of obligation that goes along with a title.

You can't just spend your time hanging around Buckingham Palace and wearing the crown jewels. You've got to attend countless events and fundraisers, making sure that the royal family is well represented at all times.

As with all families, there is always one person who seems to take on more responsibility than the rest, but when it comes to the royal family, it's not always who you'd expect. Each year Tim O'Donovan compiles a list for The Times, and this year the busiest person is surprising.

Sure, we heard about Meghan and Harry's wedding and Will and Kate's new baby, but as it turns out the hardest working royal isn't any of them. Princess Anne, Queen Elizabeth's daughter, took the title of the hardest working royal this year, taking on more appearances than anyone else.

Anne made a staggering number of appearances this year. She had 447 domestic appearances, and 71 trips overseas. She took the title over her brother, Prince Charles, who made 546 appearances in 2017, but this year, he missed out on the title by only 11 appearances. To be fair, 507 appearances is still a shockingly large number.

Comparatively, while you may have felt like you heard most about Harry and William, they had significantly less events than the older generation. Perhaps this was because they were busy getting married and having babies.

Prince William attended 150 domestic events, and 70 abroad, while Prince Harry had 108 domestic appearances and 85 abroad.

The Queen no longer travels abroad, but at 92-years-old she still managed to go to 283 events. That's more than both William and Harry!

As for Kate, she had 87 events in total, however with three children that's very understandable. Meghan started her first year as a royal in May, and took part in 45 domestic engagements and 51 abroad since becoming an official member of the royal family.

So while you may think that being a prince or princess sounds like a lot of fun, it turns out it's a lot of work as well. Most of these events require the royal family to give some kind of speech or prepare statements, and even if it's a fun event, it can be draining to always be on the move.

Source - People / The Times

I don't know about you, but I do not think I could handle their busy schedules!