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Homeless Man Finds $10,000 But Returns It, Turns Out To Be The Best Decision He Ever Made


They say that one good deed deserves another, and this story proves how true that is.

Elmer Alvarez from New Haven, Connecticut was living on the street when he found a check that someone had dropped on the sidewalk. It was worth $10,000, and made out to a local real estate broker named Dr. Roberta Hoskie. She had been carrying the check after making a deal, and didn't even realize it was missing until Alvarez called her.

Elmer Alvarez found a $10,000 check lying on the sidewalk.NBC

When Hoskie arrived to take back the check, she learned about Alvarez's situation for the first time. Hoskie was moved that someone with so little would show the kind of honesty that Alvarez did, and shared her meeting with him on Facebook Live.

Dr. Roberta Hoskie was bowled over by Alvarez's kindness.New Haven Register

People fell in love with their story, and it's clear that Hoskie didn't stop thinking about Alvarez once she had the check back.

Instead, she organized some of her business partners and the local Chamber of Commerce to give Alvarez the surprise of a lifetime. "He has absolutely no idea what's about to happen," Hoskie told the local news before Alvarez walked into the Chamber of Commerce building.

Alvarez had no idea what to expect when he walked in.NBC

But just moments later, her kindness would move the homeless man to tears, and change his life forever.

As soon as Alvarez walked through the door, he noticed TV cameras and reporters waiting for him.

Hoskie was waiting to surprise him with some good news. Not only was she enrolling Alvarez in her own real estate school, but she would also pay for English classes. One of Hoskie's partners had even lined up a job interview for the man. But she saved the best surprise of all for last.


"You don't have to worry about being in the cold," she told the homeless man. "We have housing for you."

"Thank God!" Alvarez said, bursting into tears.

Hoskie had one condition for all of her gifts: when Alvarez is back on his feet, he has to promise to pay her kindness forward to someone else. After all, Hoskie was in the same position as him once, homeless and trying to care for her son with just $417 a month.


"Honestly, I give it from the bottom of my heart and I expect nothing back in return," Alvarez said about his fateful decision to return the check. He says he would make the same decision again, and that his story proves "there's always angels out here in heaven and earth."

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