I Was Impressed That She Made This Dress On Her Own, But When She Turns Around I Can't Believe It

Ivy Thompson is a young lady who is adamant that she is not a seamstress. However she comes from a long line of seamstress in her family. She grew up watching her mother and grandmother sew clothes and make all of sorts of items.

She has never taking any official sewing class and yet she has a talent and a passion for the craft. When Ivy discovered that there was going to be a masquerade ball held in her hometown of Seattle, she decided that she wanted a special dress for the occasion. Her idea was to have a ballroom gown transformed into a butterfly.

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After she decided what she wanted her gown to look like and what color she wanted it to be, she then had to figure out a way to bring her idea to reality. Ivy got her inspiration from a dress that she had seen on the Cinderella movie where a similar concept had been done. She explains that the difficult part of making the gown go from her concept to reality was in figuring out how to do the transformation all in one smooth motion.

The idea that came to her mind was to use a cord and a snap panel.

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The dress would be designed with a snap panel in place to keep the sleeves of the dress up on her shoulders until she was ready to pull the cord that was attached to hold the butterfly dress in place. Ivy explained that by putting a snap panel and connecting the lace part with it, she was able pull the cord and both the lacing and the snap panel come undone at the same time.

This was an ingenious idea because it gave her the smooth, flowing concept that she wanted. So it made the dress look as if it had magically changed from a ball gown with sleeves into a sleeveless butterfly dress. Ivy created a YouTube video showing how she made the gown and attached all of the pieces together.

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After her posting of her video online, Ivy got a lot of different or mixed comments. Some of the comments were from people who truly spoke on how in awe they were with her dress and the designs.

Other individuals tried to become more picky in the fact of whether or not she had actually had formal training to create such a masterpiece. One commentator on her YouTube video even stated that since she mentioned she had no background in sewing then that meant she has no experience. But then the commentator went on to say that if someone has previous experience in something, then they have a background in whatever the craft is.

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The thought behind that statement was to show that it would have been proper to say she had no professional training. The commentator also made a point in saying that her training did not necessarily make a difference because it did not make her her dress any more or less impressive.

Unfortunately not every comment was a good one. However that is not going to stop Ivy from doing what she loves. In fact Ivy has other videos posted on YouTube showing off other design creations that she has done and she is looking forward to taking her first, official sewing class.

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