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Golden Retriever Sees Owner After 9 Months, Delivers Emotional Response

"A dog is the only thing on earth who loves you more than yourself". Truer words were never spoken.

In this video, you'll see the owner has apparently returned home after 9 months and as soon as he entries his home his dear Golden Retrieve, Bridget goes crazy seeing him. She dances, wags her tail in all possible directions, jumps, tries to hug her owner everything at the same time. You could clearly see her enthusiasm, the joy of seeing her owner. It's undeniable. Finally, the owner catches her and hugs her. It's adorable.

Dogs are very faithful, loyal as well as lovable animals. Just as humans have tendencies of showing their love by kissing and hugging in similar fashion dogs have particular characteristics too.

Dogs are said to be very emotional. As a human, when we get back to our home and greet our family members similarly dogs also show their affection by licking and hopping around. Along with that dogs have a strong scent of smell. They can recognize their owner even in a crowd of thousands and they get very excited when they do so. Some also say that dogs have a receptive power that means when someone returns home it's in their nature to exhibit their affection in some way or other as we could see here it was dancing and jumping to hug him.

Dogs also possess this eccentric sense of reuniting with known characters. This creates happiness in their brain which makes them behave in a lovable manner on meeting their owners when they get back home, be it after few hours or nine months like in this case. Experts reckon that dogs and humans may be more alike than we ever thought. They pour their love on their humans because they terribly missed them. A character even we show very often. When the dogs are united with their owners, a sense of security is created in the minds of dogs which makes them more elated and make them feel safe. Have you ever heard of the hug hormone? Oxytocin? The same hormone is released in dogs too when they meet their owner after a long time.

This all explanation really tells us why the cute golden retriever went so happy when she saw her owner after nine months, why she was springing, bouncing all over the place when she saw her owner come home after nine months.

Well, you know what they say, " A dog is the only thing on earth who loves you more than yourself".