If You Ever Find Lemons In Your Water Glass While Out To Eat, Stop Doing This Right Now

Here's some disturbing news for enthusiasts of this extremely revitalizing drink.

Whenever you go out to get a meal at a dining establishment, we all understand that one of the first concerns that you will get from the waiter will be "What would you like as a drink?" (Or something along that variation). Just like clockwork, your celebration will start listing their go-to orders of beverages- and we're quite sure that one of them will be lemon with water.

Lemon water has actually been one of the most popular drinks for years now, and it is particularly preferred for not simply its crisp and rejuvenating taste, but also due to a recently trending concept that lemon water has a couple of health advantages.

While this concept isn't entirely wrong. Proof has shown that lemon water can help you clean your system, improve the look of your skin, and even help your body preserve a healthy weight. When you consider all of these, it is easy to see why celebrities everywhere swear by this simple drink.

Nevertheless, while it is more suggested that you ought to keep consuming more lemon with water while you take part in your daily activities (this will be specially more effective in some warm water, and you must take it first thing in the early morning as it will help get your body started on the best foot), there is one place where you are recommended simply to keep consuming the routine water. It might be a tad unexpected, but the last place where you would want to take pleasure in a lemon with water will be a dining establishment.

You might be believing that this is insane, specifically if you keep in mind that there is at least one member of your clique that orders a lemon with water whenever you all head out to eat. Well, possibly the reason that the individual keeps purchasing that is that they do not yet understand this utterly horrible truth about the beverage they might think it helps their system, however it really isn't.

According to a study that was released in a 2007 edition of the Journal of Environmental Health, 76 lemons were checked for bacteria from 21 restaurants, and it was discovered that practically 70 percent of the lemon pieces were totally covered in infections, germs and other microbes (consisting of the disease-causing E.coli).

In another investigation by ABC, scientists tested one lemon at 10 various dining establishments and found that half of the lemon wedges included human waste.

So what is the reason for this incredible contamination of lemon wedges? Well as it would seem, there appear to be more lax requirements for restaurant health as relates to garnishes.

The investigation by ABC noticed that restaurant workers are of the routine of grabbing lemons without utilizing tongs or gloves. Assuming that they do not clean their hands after utilizing the bathroom or touching somewhere else that is germ-ridden, it suggests that there's a high probability that they're touching your lemon pieces with bacteria-covered hands and plopping them right into your water.

Nevertheless, because these findings are incredibly gross, professionals have also said that the average body immune system can deal with these type of bacteria. However, while the odds of getting some type of infection or health problem from a filthy lemon are exceptionally slim, it still doesn't make the entire thing any less irksome to consider.