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IHOP Waiter Gives Customers A Lot More Than Pancakes And It'll Bring A Smile To Your Face

When you head out to an IHOP restaurant at 1 am, you aren't really expecting much. I mean, obviously you know you are going to get some amazing food, but it's not like you are sitting there waiting for dinner and a show.

However, for one couple, they got amazing food AND an amazing performance from their waiter. Imgur user ClockworkRepairDroid said that one night, when he and his girlfriend went to IHOP for a late-night meal after being unable to sleep, their waiter, Diego, told them that he would be able to keep them entertained while they waited for their food.

The waiter took a seat in front of them, and got ready to belt out a song, but the two patrons weren't expecting to hear what they did.

The waiter's quiet demeanor was completely hiding his secret skill. As soon as he opened his mouth it became very clear that he was remarkably talented. He started belting out "My Girl" and wow, it's actually incredible.

Diego, the waiter, asked that the customers record his performance and post it online "in the hopes it blows up and he becomes a star."

The Imgur user said "Dare to dream big Diego, keep reaching for the stars my man."

There are a lot of nice comments online, including ones that say "Very nice!" and "Seems like a genuinely nice guy, with a great voice. He should make more use of his skill."

One commenter even said that he had an "amazing voice, he's gonna [sic] make it."

What do you think? Is he talented enough to make it in the big leagues?

Source - YouTube