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Ikea Opens Its Doors To Help Homeless Dogs Stay Warm On Cold Days

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Shopping at Ikea is one of those things that we all have done multiple times. We get lost in the maze of a store while planning out which delicious treat we're going to get once we make it to the restaurant.

Obviously, most Ikea stores limit those welcome into their store to people, aka no animals, but one store has been doing something that has warmed the hearts of customers all over the world.

At the Ikea in Catania, Italy, they staff has decided to make a huge difference in the life of the stray dogs in their area.

The furniture store has decided to welcome the homeless pups from around the area into their building, giving them a warm place to sleep on the cold days and nights.

Martine Taccia recently noticed this sweet gesture and when speaking with The Dodo, she revealed that she was amazed by what the company had done. "It's not a common thing," she said.

"The dogs receive daily food and pampering from IKEA's employees and customers," Taccia shared. "Some dogs have even found a family, going home with customers."

The Italian branch of the furniture chain doesn't have any public advertisements of this policy, but several people have noticed that there have been a bunch of different dogs in the building. The sweet pups are just happy to stay warm and get some rest in a safe place, and the pictures are enough to melt your heart.

Who could resist these sweet angels resting their precious little heads?

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My favorite stray in Sicily.

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These good dogs just need to take a warm nap!

Look at that face!

Apparently this has been going on for a little while, but because the company doesn't advertise the policy it wasn't widely known.

It's nice to see that a company that has the space is willing to let these sweet pups in and get the rest they need.

Source - The Dodo / Inside Tonight/ Paw My Gosh

Do you think that more companies should let stray dogs in to keep warm?