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IKEA Now Has Veggie Hot Dogs And They Taste Amazing

Ikea (Instagram) / Geograph

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IKEA is universally loved by all ages, and for good reasons. It's a massive store filled with interesting and cheap things that you can decorate your home with.

And let's not forget the cheap food. It's delicious.

The company has been making some serious moves to become more environmentally conscious, and many people are loving it.

This year, they've started using biodegradable mushroom-based packaging instead of styrofoam, and they've also introduced more healthy food options.

Veggie meatball pictured far right. ikeafoodservices/Instagram

After the success of their vegan meatballs in 2015, IKEA tested their new veggie hot dogs in Europe.

With a 95% approval rating in Sweden, they decided to increase their plant-based food options worldwide.

This week, IKEA bistro locations in the U.S. started serving vegan hot dogs, and many people can't enough of them.

These hot dogs are made of kale, red lentils, quinoa, onion, carrots, and topped with pickled red cabbage, spicy mustard, and roasted onions.

The best part is that they're only $0.75 each! Are you ready to grab a bite while strolling through their shopping maze?

But not everyone's excited about this plant-based option:

Someone rated it 7/10, which I see as just average.

For all you meat lovers out there, keep in mind that IKEA is not replacing their original hot dog. The veggie dog is just another option on their menu!

Are you excited to try the new vegan hot dog at IKEA? If you've already tried it, let us know what you think!

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