Extremely Infectious Disease Is Making A Comeback - This Is What You Need To Know

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All of us want to be 100% healthy which is the reason we ensure that we always care for our bodies. At times, regardless of how cautious we are, we still get sick unexpectedly and this is what we want to prevent from happening. Getting sick will certainly not be fun, most notably if it comes without warning.

There are always health hazards everywhere and it can get alarming at times how dangerous these risks can bring to our life.

This month, news about a particular illness is spreading and it is already making headlines. People are warned but very few of us are familiar with it, some have not even heard of it. This has been around for some time and is very common in Central and West Africa.

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This is Monkeypox.

Monkeypox is a rather uncommon illness and it is typically associated with fever, muscle soreness, and rash. Most patients would get better in a few weeks but there are severe instances that have a significantly more life-threatening outcome.

There was a Monkeypox epidemic in 2017 but it only stayed in Nigeria. It is presently a great concern that the disease is beginning to circulate in other parts of the globe.

Monkeypox is actually a zoonotic virus which is on the same family as smallpox however, it is less serious and according to professionals, chances of infection are lowered. This was initially discovered in monkeys back in 1958. People were first diagnosed with Monkeypox in 1970. The scenarios can be mild or it can be deadly, and according to studies, there is a 10% death rate. This is already thought of as a serious number.

This virus can be passed on from animals to humans, and the other way around. They are transmitted by air or via body fluids. This indicates that by simply being in the same place with an infected person can spread the virus.

Obtaining the sickness is uncommon but it is important that we know about this condition particularly now that in the past two weeks, two separate cases have surfaced in the United Kingdom. These diagnoses were authenticated by the Public Health of England. Though these two patients are unrelated, both of them just recently took a trip to Nigeria.

Nick Phin who is the Deputy Director of the National Infection Services admits that this is an odd occurrence and they are working to make sure that they keep this condition from spreading.

According to Phin, it is incredibly peculiar to see that there are two reports in such a very short stretch of time.

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They are now working to get in touch with the individuals, as well as the medical workers who might have come in contact with these infected patients in order to present them with the information that they need about the illness, and give them health advice.

Phin said, "It is likely that monkeypox continues to circulate in Nigeria and could, therefore, affect travelers who are returning from this part of the world."

There are no announced cases of Monkeypox in the United States but it is incredibly important to watch out for the symptoms.

The United Kingdom is currently alerted about these separate cases because they are unsure how many were exposed to the illness, but they are doing their best to keep people from panicking.

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