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You Can Make Wine In Your Instant Pot

David Murphy/The Kitchn

Instant Pots are the coolest new kitchen appliance ruling the Internet. They're like a slow cooker, pressure cooker, and mini-oven all in one! These things are hard to find in stores, as people are buying them whenever they come in stock. Even finding one online is a bit of a hassle.

They're preferable to slow cookers because they take a fraction of the time to produce the same results. They're also preferable because they probably won't burn your house down like in This Is Us (okay we can't actually confirm that, but I guarantee that Jack Pearson would still be alive if they hadn't accepted that ratty hand-me-down appliance).

The Instant Pot can be used for a myriad of recipes! Some of the ones we've made are:

Double Chocolate Cheesecake made in the Instant PotShared

But one Instant Pot owner, David Murphy, noticed there was a niche left untapped when it came to the appliance, and he decided to test it out.

Murphy wrote on his blog, FoodNService, that he had seen a lot of memes about making wine in the Instant Pot, but hadn't seen an actual recipe for it.

"I used to laugh every time I saw this because I wanted it to be so true," he wrote. "Well, I kind of figured out how to make instant pot wine, but out of grape juice...not grapes. So I'm pretty close enough lol!"


Murphy says that the patience required to get a good result can be tough, but in the end it all worked out!

"I seriously didn't think this was going to work at all," he wrote. "I was expecting a failure, but I was patient and played that annoying waiting game. Honestly, it was so much better than some of those cheap bottles of wine that I've bought. Dare I say, even better than the 2 buck Chuck from Trader Joe's!"

If you want to try and make David Murphy's wine recipe, click this link!

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