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Internet Star Who Shared Her IVF Journey Online Dies During Childbirth

Life is not only unfair, it can also be so cruel and painful at times. Just ask the family and friends of Vanessa Fernandez Arango.

For years, the 30-year-old blogger documented her fertility issues, including two ectopic pregnancies, on Instagram. It was her willingness to discuss the topic and honesty that earned her a massive loyal following.

This past May, Vanessa finally had some good news to share with her followers. She revealed that she was pregnant by posting a photo of her positive pregnancy test.

"The beginning of the end," she wrote in Spanish. "The beginning of feeling life and the end of suffering. So here begins our story, our story with a happy ending."

Unfortunately, a happy ending is far from what took place recently.

Vanessa, who was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, was at home enjoying breakfast when she suddenly fainted.

The mom-to-be, who was 38 weeks along, was rushed to the hospital and doctors immediately proceeded to perform an emergency C-section, according to updates shared by her husband, Jonathan Garcia, 32.

In a tragic turn of events, Jonathan confirmed that his beloved wife did not survive childbirth, and the baby was now fighting for his life.

"The baby is in intensive care. Vanessa has died," he shared before informing them that the Instagram "will now close." He added, "Thank you all for making her laugh."

According to the Spanish news outlet El Mundo, the much-loved internet star suffered a cardiac arrest during the operation.

However, like the late Vanessa, the new dad couldn't stay away from the social media platform for long. He has continued to post updates about his newborn son Alvaro's progress. The couple chose the name together and shared it with their followers back in August.

"I can finally get something positive," he wrote. "Alvaro is recovering little by little, he still has many tests and will continue for a while in intensive care, but it's a little step."

He added, "I never imagined a goodbye message in her honour would have led to such an avalanche of support... I want you to know I will continue with her dream of helping other couples."

Fans have since taken to social media to offer their condolences and express their appreciation for Vanessa and her inspiring story.

"A wonderful and magical person has gone. She will always be in our hearts," wrote one friend.

Jonathan has continued to share updates about Alvaro, who has since gone home. His last post gave his followers a glimpse into his new life as a single father.

"It is very hard this, diapers, milk powder, lullabies, crying...We will continue fighting to get as ahead as we can, with your support, friends and family, nothing can stop us."

We're rooting for you, Jonathan and Alvaro!

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family during this difficult time. Rest in peace, Vanessa.

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