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Jenelle Evans Pulls Out Gun In Front Of Son During Road Rage Incident


Anyone who's watched a single episode of Teen Mom 2 will know that Jenelle Evans is one of the franchise's most controversial stars.

Ever since she appeared on 16 and Pregnant, fans have seen the mother-of-three live a significantly tumultuous lifestyle, with very few happy moments in between.

Along with being arrested on numerous occasions, Evans had lost custody of her oldest son to her mother, Barbara, had substantial drug problems, and claimed her three-year-old has an eating disorder.

But as we know, the drama never stops and the 26-year-old is now stirring up controversy yet again after she was taped whipped out a gun in front of her son during a road rage incident.

On July 23, MTV aired the startling scenes, which saw Evans' fury grow as another driver tailgated her before cutting her off on the highway. Jace, 8, was in the front seat when she suddenly slammed her breaks to avoid a collision. The man, later identified as Robert Robinson Jr., had abruptly slowed down his vehicle, which made Evans "almost veered out of the road."

"Are you f"�"� kidding me, dude? Oh my God. Give me your phone," Evans told her son before dialing 911.

The driver alleged Evans had followed him to his house and then smashed into his mailbox. Robinson Jr. then got back into his car and blocked Evan's car from leaving.

"If he tries to get out and hurt you, I can get out this nerf gun and whip him," Jace reassured his mother.

Evans then called her husband, David Eason, and told him, "Dude, he just hit my car! Babe, he just hit my f"�"� car!"

The incident escalated and Evan pulled out her handgun, but MTV decided against releasing the footage.

Jenelle reaching for her gun
Jenelle Evans reaching for her handgunMTV

She then told Eason that the driver was following her, who promptly told her to phone the police.

"Well, don't f"�"� god damn follow him!"� Eason screamed on the speakerphone. "You call the police, you don't follow people."

In tears, Evans then called MTV producer Kristen and explained what had happened. During their conversation, Evans told authorities about Robinson Jr.'s road rage.

"I was on the highway and this guy was tailgating me in a huge truck. He got in front of the car and slammed on the breaks so hard that I swerved off into the grass. And then [Jace's] head almost hit the dashboard. After that he went down a dirt road and I followed him," she explained.

"He pulls out his truck and tried to corner me in. He yelled at me, 'You're going to jail, you're not leaving.' I was scared! He hit the front of the bumper with his truck!" Evans.

But according to Robinson Jr., Evans is lucky to be alive. He told TMZ that the Teen Mom 2 star was the one acting erratic on the road and that he also carried a gun.

Robinson Jr. added that he "only pulls it out to protect himself" and "shoots to kill," but showed restraint after he noticed Jace was in the passenger seat of the car.

After the police spoke to both parties, they decided against making any arrests due to "conflicting stories and lack of witnesses" of the incident.

Check out the entire incident for yourself:

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