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Elton John's Emotional John Lewis Christmas Commercial Leaves Some Fans Wanting More

YouTube - John Lewis & Partners

Every year, as Christmas approaches, all the companies struggle to make the best and most heart-warming advertisements to try and encourage us to buy all our gifts at their establishments.

They really tend to go all out, but no one does it better than John Lewis. The U.K.-based store has earned themselves quite the reputation when it comes to creating the best of the best Christmas commercials, and this year is no different.

This year, the retailer got none other than Elton John to star in their emotional commercial, and as he sits down at the piano and starts to play, we already know we're going to have some feelings.

He starts to play "Your Song," which is obviously a classic that has been around for years and none of us can resist playing along.

As he plays the melody, time continues to flip back, showing us glimpses into John's exciting life. But it's as we reach his childhood years that the tears really start to form in the corners of your eyes.

You see his mom, proudly watching him perform at school, but it's when we see the youngest version of the iconic superstar running down the stairs on Christmas morning, and watch as he receives his first piano that we really get the message they are trying to present.

As it pans back to modern day Elton, we see him still playing on that same piano as an adult, and the tagline of "Some gifts are more than just a gift," really hits home.

So this holiday season, remember that sometimes the gifts you give can impact someone's life as a whole in ways you may not expect. I bet Elton John's mother probably wasn't expecting her son to become an international rock star when she got him that piano!

However, even though the ad is super cute, a lot of people are really disappointed in it. A lot of fans are upset that the whole thing is about the singer's life instead of being related to Christmas.

Other people were criticizing the company for releasing the ad on a day when there was so much political turmoil in the United Kingdom.

Well, while the company can't predict when huge political issues are going to come to play, they can control the content of the commercial. Do you think it feels "Christmassy" enough?

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