Fellow Teens Always Made Fun Her Her Weight, Now They Are Eating Their Words

Josie Desgrand is a high school student that had dealt with enough when it came to her weight. She was ridiculed and made fun of because she was not a "set standard'"�. After being pushed and bullied about her weight for so long, she decided to combat all the hate and focus on eating and being healthy. Josie lost an incredible 132 pounds within two years. Her classmates had pointed fingers when she was weighing in at 279 pounds.

She stunned her classmates, and many could not grasp her amazing weight loss. She was now standing in a form-fitting, figure-hugging designed dress at prom. Josie acknowledges it all to giving her the will to be committed to healthy living and better food choices along this journey. She uploaded a side-by-side photo on her Instagram showing her before and after.


She captioned the picture as her journey to a healthier and better her. She is stated that she is 18 years old and stands at 174 cm, weigh in at 127kgs. She was proud to announce that she stuck through her weight loss challenge with no sugar and a low carb diet for two years.

She said that she started to eat natural sugars around the six-month mark in her journey. She is 12 months in and has lost 63kgs. Josie also mentioned that she did not see her journey as a weight loss journey but a new lifestyle change.

The past two years were difficult for her and she faced many challenges. She decided that instead of accepting where she was, she would pick herself up and keep moving. She knows that everybody has bad days, but do not let a simple stumble be the point of where your journey ends. Positivity is key.


She became an inspiration to main on Instagram with her transformational photos and brilliant words of encouragement. She beamed positivity and it attached many who were in the same ordeal as she was. She made another photo collage and caption addressing how one can really lose weight.

Although, it is not easy it is also not impossible, and the only hold back is the person staring back in the mirror. Josie let it be known how crazy it was that her body and mind had changed so much.

She said she would look at the same type of diets and dread them. She wanted to be skinny and eat healthily but starving herself was not on the top of her list. Therefore, it wasn't worth it. She realized how mentally strong she was.


She could overcome the temptation to eat a piece of chocolate and substitute it for something healthy.

Overcoming adversity. Josie Desgrand's Instagram account has given her thousands of fans who look to her for health and image inspiration and lifestyle tips. She created an online meal planner app that helps others venture out on their lifestyle change journeys. She lays out her healthy living itinerary included with the meals she ate the first few months and her exercise plan.

Great job Josephine!

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