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Judge Judy Finally Addressed Those Retirement Rumors With Ellen

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Time flies! Did you realize that Judge Judy Sheindlin has been making us laugh and nod along to the TV for more than two decades?

The tough-as-nails judge debuted on CBS in 1996, and to this day she is still handing down sage legal decisions to what she calls her "endless parade of idiots."�

But recently, fans were worried by online rumors that America's favorite judge was stepping down.

Thankfully, Sheindlin has finally addressed this news, as she stopped by Ellen on Friday for a chat about her career and her future on TV.

"I feel young except when I look in a full length mirror, naked."

The most popular rumors claimed about Sheindlin leaving her show claimed she was quitting TV to start her own line of skin care products.

But Sheindlin, 76, told Ellen DeGeneres she has two more years left in her contract, and no plans to quit her day job anytime soon.

"What would you do every day?" she asked. "This job, believe it or not, it's an anchor because it gives you someplace to go."

Judge Judy
The judge says she will host at least two more seasons of her popular daytime show.The Ellen Show - YouTube

DeGeneres, who just turned 60 and will keep hosting her daytime talk show until at least 2020, agreed with the judge.

"I've thought about that because I get bored easily."

"You know at 60 my grandmother had breasts that started at her neck and went down to her knees," Sheindlin joked. "I feel young except when I look in a full length mirror, naked."

The judge also pointed out that she makes $47 million a year while working for just three days "every other week," so she's in no hurry to change her career.

"You have two choices as you get older," Sheindlin told the host.

"The people I know who are older and spirited look like they're having a good time. The people who are older and don't do anything to keep themselves younger don't look like they're getting the best bang for their buck out of life."

"This is a slippery, skeezy, scammy outfit."

Whether or not they can relate to her impressive work ethic, Sheindlin's 10 million daily viewers will be happy to know she's not giving up her frock and gavel anytime soon.

As for the supposed skin care line Sheindlin is backing, her comments to DeGeneres proved she has no interest in lending her name or likeness to any products like that.

Judge Judy
The judge warns her fans to never buy skin care products unless she endorses them in a commercial.The Ellen Show - YouTube

"You know that you can keep yourself fit and in shape, they haven't invented anything yet that can keep your skin in shape," she said.

But she warned that several companies have used her likeness to promote online skin care scams.

"They've done the same thing to me," DeGeneres complained.

"This is a slippery, skeezy, scammy outfit," the judge added. She also warned her viewers to never buy any skin care products supposedly endorsed by her.

"They scam thousands of dollars from people once they have your credit card [number]," she explained.

Both Sheindlin and DeGeneres said their staff are "on the case," but they're not the first celebrities to be targeted by these ads.

Pauley Perrette of NCIS called herself a "victim" of a similar product, saying the company is "very convincing" but "a scam."

Joanna Gaines of Fixer Upper also warned viewers not to trust ads featuring her likeness.

"We have nothing to do with it and have been trying to stop it for some time," she shared on Instagram.

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