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Kate Middleton Shows Off Gorgeous Updo With A Twist And You Can Recreate It

Ricky Wilson

While the newly minted Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, is a fan of the controversial messy bun (apparently it's not regal enough), her sister-in-law Kate Middleton often opts for more chic up-dos whenever her hair isn't loose.

Recently, the Duchess of Cambridge chose to style her enviable brunette locks in a classy chignon for the annual Remembrance Day Service, but it had a really neat twist.

Kate's coiffed hair featured two braids running along the sides and gathered into a hair net at the back.

The duchess is a big fan of wearing hairnets as they can keep a low updo intact for several hours without any drooping.

Lidia Zullo, the artistic Director of The Beauty and Blow Dry Studio, described the look as a modern updo with a "slight 1940s feel."

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While this isn't the mother-of-three's most glamorous or complicated updo, it is causing quite a stir because how easily it can be recreated at home.

If you'd like your hair to stand out at the next event you attend, here's how you can recreate Kate's updo in four easy steps:

1. Part your hair how you normally would (center part works best), then starting on one side, take a section from the front and start braiding the entire length. Secure the ends with elastic and repeat on the other side.

2. You'll need extra volume for the chignon, so back comb the sections of hair below the braids.

3. Next, fold up the section that you just backcombed and place it inside a hairnet, and secure it.

4. Grab one of the braids and bring it across the middle then keep it in place with bobby pins before doing the same on the other side. The overlapping braids should cover the area where the hairnet is secured so it all comes together neatly.

Will you be attempting this Kate-inspired hairdo?

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