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Kate Middleton's Family Slammed For Selling 'Zombie Princess' Halloween Costume

Left: Getty Images/Right: Party Pieces

Even before Kate Middleton married Prince William and became the Duchess of Cambridge, her family was affluent.

Kate's parents, Michael and Carole, made a fortune through their business, Party Pieces, which they founded in 1987.

The success of the company turned the family into multi-millionaires, who were able to send their three children to elite private schools and set them on a path that would eventually lead one of them to the royal family.

However, recently, the Middletons have been facing more backlash than usual, and it's all thanks to a controversial product that is currently available on their online store.

With Halloween being around the corner, Party Pieces unveiled their costume collection, but there's one particular outfit that has created quite the uproar from fans and friends of the late Princess Diana.

The party retailer is selling a children's Zombie Sleeping Princess Costume, which includes a bloodied white satin dress with an exposed ribcage and organs and a tiara.

If you're still baffled by why the Middletons are receiving flack for selling the costume, it is because royal watchers and some of Princess Diana's loved ones found it to be in poor taste considering the People's Princess, who happens to be their in-law, died in a gruesome car crash in 1997.

Diana's friend Simone Simmons told the Daily Star that she finds the costume "sicker than sick."

"I hope people boycott this site," she added. "This is really scraping the barrel. This is twisted and warped."

Despite all the controversy, the costume doesn't really have anything to do with Diana.

"This not so pretty princess costume features a blood-drenched pink silky dress with a jagged skirt," read the description on the website. "This princess will be the scariest princess at any Halloween party."

The zombie princess theme is also not exclusive to Party Pieces. Many popular retailers, including Amazon, sell similar costumes and we're sure they're not doing so to insult the late Princess Diana.

This wouldn't be the first time that Carole and Michael have been called out over one of their products. In 2011, people accused them of taking advantage of their daughter's wedding to Prince William and cashing in on the event by selling "traditional street party bits."

The Middletons have yet to issue a statement addressing the unexpected backlash.

Do you think it's inappropriate for the Middletons to sell the costume? Let us know!

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