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Weird Russian Cooking Hack Uses Pipes And Soda Cans To Make A Tasty Meal

Slivki Show / YouTube

Russia has given the world brilliant inventions and impressive engineering feats, from early parachutes and satellites to electric microscopes.

But a novel way to prepare dinner in a flash, as demonstrated by a Russian YouTube channel, is tearing the internet apart.

The time-saving "hack," which uses pipes, an empty soda bottle, and a little elbow grease to prepare a meal, is simply mindboggling.

The tutorial begins with an empty Pepsi bottle and the elbow joint of a plastic pipe - two things that are presumably just lying around in the average kitchen.

Things heat up as the video's creator uses a blow torch to mold the pipe, fitting it tightly over the mouth of the bottle.

A small hole is drilled into the elbow joint, which will become important later on.

With the bottom of the bottle sliced off, an empty Coca-Cola can fits in perfectly (although other versions of this hack use a metal food can).

Finally, the empty bottle is packed with ground meat - show of hands, who saw that coming? The last step includes sliding a wooden skewer into the hole of the elbow joint.

By this point, most viewers were totally baffled, but when the entire mechanism was fitted together, a few realized the method behind this madness.

Wait for it...

Ta-dah! Yes, this bizarre apparatus fits meat onto a kebab by forcing the bottle down onto the can. And judging by the video, it works pretty smoothly.

Whether you think this "hack" is revolutionary or revolting, there's no denying it captured our imaginations.

"I had no idea what was going on, or what a [Kebab] was," wrote one viewer. "Everything he did seemed really pointless, and I didn't see where it was going."

"When it all came together at the end, it was like magic. Awesome hack. Still never going to use it."

Other viewers recreated the trick for their own families, and said the result was hit. It seems you can substitute a standard meatloaf mix for the kebab meat used in the video.

We'll let you decide whether this unconventional cooking tool is useful or not. But if you decide to try it, please share the results with us!

What do you think of this weird cooking hack?

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