Kelly Ripa Becomes Target Of Body Shamers, But Hits Back In The Best Way

These days, everyone is so quick to judge what someone else looks like if it doesn't fit their notions of beauty.

Social media facilitates this "shaming" trend because people can hide behind their screens and comment without consequence.

Although anyone can be a victim of this harsh critics, celebrities seem to have it worst.

Sure, they have a lot of money and the power to silence their haters, but that does not mean it hurts them any less to hear mean comments about their looks.

We often hear about some of our favorite stars being subjected to unsolicited criticism over their parenting choices or weight gain, but apparently people are also concerned about their height and the size of their head.


This week, the internet trolls picked Live with Kelly and Ryan host Kelly Ripa and her husband, actor Mark Consuelos, as targets of their body-shaming comments.

First, it was Consuelos who experienced the wrath of the shamers after Ripa posted a photo of them together on her Instagram page. A user said that Consuelos "looks funny" because "he's short."

While Ripa and Consuelos don't usually respond to their haters, they couldn't resist hitting back this time around.

"Please tell me how it is I can try to look taller. I'm dying to know,"� Consuelos, 46, wrote back. His wife jumped to his defense moments later and hilariously added, "He's tall where it counts babe."�

You would think people would lay off the mean comments after that, but not everyone is a quick learner. A day later, Ripa was forced to deliver another funny reply to a woman commenting on her appearance.

Ripa shared a video on the official Live with Kelly and Ryan Instagram page in which she ironically talks about online trolling and reads mean comments.

"I like trolling. I love trolling a troll. It is my favorite thing to do,"� Ripa said in the Instagram video, and then proceeds to give an example of a mean comment directed at her.

"You have too much makeup on. Makes you look like a wax figure. I say, "�No, no, no. I have on way more makeup than a wax figure. I know, because I have a wax figure at Madame Tussaud's and she doesn't wear this much makeup. But she didn't get to go to the Academy Awards, did she?'"� Ripa said.

It looks like not everyone was paying attention to what Ripa was saying in the video because someone went out of their way to let her know that her "head looks to big for her tiny body [SIC]."

Ripa, who has mastered the art of clapping back at trolls, responded with "to is spelled too FYI."�

These types of comments never fail to make me wonder whatever happened to the saying "if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all."

It's great to see Ripa not take the shaming to heart, but some people are a lot more sensitive and fragile, and cyberbullying ends up taking a huge toll on them.

It's important to think twice before writing a comment on social media. Just because there's a screen protecting you from the stranger you're criticizing, it doesn't mean that you should speak whatever comes to mind.

What do you think of Ripa's response?

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