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This Laundry Hack Guarantees You'll Never Have To Iron Your Clothes Again

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As anyone who strives to look presentable to the public will know, doing your laundry plays an essential part - even though it can be a pain in the keister.

Along with separating all your clothes by color and materials (making you do several loads), once they come out of the washer and dryer, you're tasked with ironing your apparel to make sure they're wrinkle-free.

Based on your load, it can take hours to iron out your wardrobe, and you'll wonder if the wrinkled look will ever come into style.

While fashion trends may never adopt the look, one person has discovered a trick that will put your iron away for good.

"This process is essentially where lazy and genius have a baby together."

Last year, YouTube user HelloIamBear posted a simple life hack that'll take the iron out of your regular laundry routine.

Instead of spending all your hard earned cash on wrinkle-resistant attire, the video maker showed his audience the unusual method of putting ice cubes with the newly clean clothes in his dryer.

This method works once the ice melts and is turned into water, followed by steam.  

Once the dryer's hot setting transforms the ice cubes into steam, the machine will steam your clothes and get rid of the creases - just like an iron would.

According to HelloIamBear that the process is "essentially where lazy and genius have a baby together," and that the best results will arise when only a few pieces of clothing are put in

However, it's important to remember that while it's a great hack to use, you should not overfill the dryer with ice cubes.

Other Techniques

Although throwing ice cubes in your dryer is a handy solution for having wrinkle-free clothes, it's not the only one technique you can use.

Along with the concept of hanging up your clothes right out of the dryer and double checking you're using the correct amount of detergent, Daily Mail reports some individuals choose to use hair dryers as a way to get the creases out, or wiping your clothes with a damp towel.

The publication also suggests the secret to having soft linen, towels, and bedding is to use vinegar, while adding salt to your laundry will make your clothes more vibrant.

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