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Lego's Newest Creation Is Designed For Stressed Adults And We're All Going To Want One

Courtesy of Lego

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When it comes to iconic childhood toys, there are few that reach the level of universal adoration of Lego.

The classic blocks have been around for decades now, and many of us played with them as kids. They were a fun way to express creativity and it taught you a lot about problem solving without even really thinking about it.

Obviously, if you want to make a giant tower with a big balcony, you'd need to have a nice wide base or it would topple over. It was simple things like that that helped us all as kids.

But now as adults, a lot of people feel like they shouldn't be playing with toys. While I personally believe that isn't true, for those who are a little hesitant, Lego has got you covered with a brand new product designed to help out adults.

Not only is it something fun, but they actually designed their latest problem as a way to ease stress and anxiety.

The new sets are called Forma, and they are these beautiful little creations that requires you to put together a skeleton of a little fish, and then you can add a customizable skin to it to make it look like one of their four options: koi, shark skin, splash koi, or ink koi. The ink koi kit is in black and white so you can color it in however you want.

You can make the fish look like anything you want after you color in the included skins, and then you take your Forma set and build up it's skeleton.

The premium Lego set doesn't look like other Lego creations, and is definitely less block-shaped than other kits.

It actually has a bit of a kinetic sculpture element to it, with a small crank at the bottom that when turned allows the fish to move as if it's swimming.

They launched the project with an IndieGoGo campaign on November 12th, and within seven days they had not only reached their goal, but exceeded it by 1334%.  

The point of them is simple, their campaign site calls them "a premium LEGO experience for adults looking for a simple, fun way to disconnect from their screens and reconnect with their creative side."

When creating the sets, Lego surveyed adults and found that 86% found that engaging in creative play like Lego actually made them feel relaxed, and 91% cited play as a big factor in their own well-being.

These sets are intended to keep your adult mind creative and engaged in play, therefore keeping you relaxed and happier. I think we can all agree we need a little bit of stress relief in our lives, so maybe it's about time we got some cool little sets of Lego that we can display in our homes.

Source - IndieGoGo/ Lego / Business Insider

Would you ever try making one of these Forma sets?