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He Made Fun Of Her Dog, But Her Open Letter Sets Him Straight

A woman was walking with her dog and for some reason, a man thought he could make fun of her. The owner of a particularly unique looking dog heard a man laughing hysterically while he pointed at her lovable pup, yelling "What the f*** is that thing?"

She couldn't believe what she was hearing because her dog has been through so much, so she took a moment to post a heartfelt letter to stranger online. She wasn't angry, but she was hoping to use this opportunity to help educate people on why some dogs are a little bit different.

She wrote:

"Dear guy who almost fell down laughing and posed the question "What the *f-word* is that thing?" as I was carrying Lulu into the pet store to get a new harness:

I wish you hadn't ducked into the diner so quickly once you realized that I heard you. I wasn't mad. I'm not naive, nor am I stupid. I know Lulu has a silly little face. She makes me laugh every day. This was her first trip out of the house (besides vet appointments).  It was a big trip for both of us."

The letter continued with some amazing sentiments that not every person would be able to share after hearing someone insult their dog...

The Imgur user nettieSmasher continued in her letter, explaining exactly why her dog Lulu looks the way she does.

"I wish you would have asked to see her or pet her so I could have told you about her. I could have educated you about puppy mills and animal abuse. You would have seen how sweet she is. You would have understood that Lulu looks the way she does because of 8 years of neglect and abuse. And that isn't funny."

"Not that you should be sad. I personally find it inspiring that after all she's been through she isn't mean. It's amazing to me that every day she trusts me a little more; and that simply being able to finally pet her, after a year and a half, fills me with so much joy."

"I would have told you about how she initiated my love and desire to care for senior and special needs dogs. And that once I realized that she needed a companion, I met my best friend Cas, a senior dog who happens to be missing a leg. And how adopting Cas introduced me to the rescue group that I now foster for. She started me on a journey that I never imagined for myself, and that's pretty cool. It makes me smile!"

So thank you, somewhat rude guy, for reminding me how lucky I am. I'm sorry you didn't get to meet Lulu. Who knows what wonderful things she might have inspired YOU to do."

Lulu was a rescue that went through a lot in her first few years of life, but now she is happy and safe with an owner who loves her. Her sweet face just makes her all the more memorable to everyone she meets!

So next time you see a dog who may not look like every other dog you've seen, maybe take some time to ask for the story. As the owner of this sweet girl says, "Life is too short and too beautiful to not be kind!"