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Man Finds Venomous Spider In A Bag Of Broccoli, Then Puts It Up For "Adoption"

Kansas / EMGN

I'm not exactly sure how massive insects, arachnids, or rodents can get in sealed or semi-sealed bags undetected, but it's happened, not once or twice, but numerous times.

Only a few days ago Wendy's employees from a location in Oklahoma shared a video of a live mouse moving inside a bag of hamburger buns.

The bag was filled the feces, and when they showed it the management team, no one seemed surprised.

According to reports, the employees were asked to "pick around" the feces.

Now the next big story is a man finding a massive eight-legged creature in his bag of broccoli. What he did with it will surprise you!

There are a lot of things you would expect to see in your store-bought vegetables, like dirt, a few small insects, but never a full-grown black widow spider.

I mean, never. I couldn't imagine opening up a bag of broccoli and finding one of those creepy crawly creatures making its way up my arm.

No way would I survive a traumatic incident like that.

But the beauty of humanity is that we're quite resilient. We may be innately afraid of spiders, but when the time comes to take action, we will.

Jacob Vaughn told WTOL that after he rinsed out a bag of fresh broccoli, he was about to cook them until a spider crawled out.

"The spider came out and started waving his hands," the Ohio man said. "It was pretty obvious he was alive since he was throwing his hands in every direction. He did not seem pleased."

The college student had a quite fitting reaction. He dropped the broccoli, and then used tongs to pick up the vegetable and the spider before sealing them in another bag.

Kroger, the grocery chain where he bought the bag of broccoli, offered to give Vaughn a refund.

Well, that was nice of them. But you know what's nicer? The black widow spider wasn't killed in a fit of rage or disgust.

Vaughn was kindhearted enough to give the spider to Another Chance Sanctuary in Clyde, Ohio. They named the black widow Broccoli.

Well, not sure how many of you heard about the young man who bought broccoli at the local Kroger and found a BLACK WIDOW...

Posted by Life with Elliott and friends on Wednesday, June 13, 2018

"Well, not sure how many of you heard about the young man who bought broccoli at the local Kroger and found a BLACK WIDOW in it...but ..well our latest intake... Welcome "Broccoli" to the rescue," the sanctuary posted on their Facebook.

One day later, the rescuers updated the post to say that "Broccoli has a pending adoption."

"I knew somebody would love her," they wrote.

And on June 15, Broccoli found a home: "She will be going to live with a young lady who recently lost her female black widow."

Vaughn seriously dodged a bullet. What he did was great, but he's lucky he didn't get hurt.

Female black widows, which are marked by their red hourglass shape, have deadly bites that can cause muscle spasms, chest pain, and vomiting.

If you need to get rid of a black widow spider in your home, make sure you always wear gloves.

What would you do if you were in Vaughn's shoes?

[H/T: Kansas News]

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