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Man Reading About Stolen Pup Sees Burglar in Front of Him, Saves Dog by Calling His Name

Dimitri Maramenides - Facebook

A young electrician out of Tampa, Florida, is being regarded as a hero for saving a widely known and cherished dog who was stolen from a beach on Nov. 4.

The Jack Russell terrier, called Zeus, is an indispensable part of a kiteboard-loving household.

His owner is 16-year-old Cameron Maramenides, a Team USA kite-boarding participant who is scheduled to compete in the 2020 Olympics.

Cameron's father is Dimitri Maramenides, a world-renowned kite-boarder who spends many weekends in the sea kite-boarding along with his son.

Zeus is popular in his very own right, considering that, astonishingly, the pup learned how to kite-board, also. Zeus has appeared in articles and online videos, exhibiting his extreme doggy-athleticism.

When the Maramenides family couldn't find Zeus after an afternoon tournament, they were shattered.

They did everything within their power to track down Zeus, including employing Pet Detective Jamie Katz and offering a $3,500 money prize for the safe return of their four-legged friend, zero questions asked.

On Nov. 8, four whole days after Zeus went missing, a young gentlemen called Miguel Camacho happened to hear about the dog's story on Facebook.

Camacho was in a West Tampa plaza and had just finished studying for a test that he was to take that very same afternoon. All of a sudden, a car arrived that caught Camacho's eye.

" I was sitting there, reading the article," Camacho explained to the Tampa Bay Times.

" The guy pulls up, gets out the car, grabs the dog and I'm thinking, man this looks just like that dog."

Quickly, Camacho reached out to the phone number provided in the Facebook post. He was soon talking with 16-year-old Cameron, and could certainly hear the pain and worry in the teen's tone.

Camacho really needed to go in order to be on time for his exam, however, he decided that helping Zeus reunite with his family was more crucial.

Camacho followed the male in his car until the man stopped and questioned Camacho why he was driving behind him.

The dispute could have gone seriously wrong, but Camacho kept his cool and simply explained his purpose:

" I believe that dog isn't yours," Camacho said to the man. "I'm on the phone with his owner right now."

At Cameron's cuing over the phone, Camacho called the pup's name, "Zeus!".

Zeus came leaping out of the stranger's vehicle and hopped right into Camacho's car.

It wasn't very long before Zeus was reunited with his rightful owners in a sentimental closing to a long week.

" We are feeling completely burnt out, yet happy and we are still pinching ourselves to see if we are dreaming," said Dimitri's wife, Helen Trotman.

" We are so blessed Miguel was there and was prepared to put himself into a possible hazardous situation to get our pup back.".

Police have been filled in of the scenario, but so far have not located Zeus' abductor.

Camacho had been unaware of the cash reward, but accepted it, with plans to utilize the money to benefit his kids.

" I have two children," he said. "I'm gonna do some Christmas shopping for them and put the rest in their savings accounts.".

As for the missed test, Camacho was happy to mention that his teacher allowed him to make it up after finding out about Camacho's brave deed of selflessness.