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Man Rescues Stray Kitten, Only To Find Out It's Not A Kitten At All

When you see a sad little animal crying in a parking lot, you can't really do anything but help. Anyone who loves animals knows that a lonely creature who is begging for your help is the most heartbreaking thing in the world.

Obviously you have to step in! You've got to scoop them up and get them everything they need. Sometimes it's tricky because some animals leave their young alone for many hours a day. Bunnies are one that people often overstep their involvement because the mother is only there a couple of times a day.

But with cats, usually the mom is somewhere close by. So when a Minnesota resident came across a little ball of fluff huddled up next to a car tire crying, he knew he needed to help her out.

It was shortly after he got her home that he started to realize that something wasn't right. This little kitten wasn't what he was expecting, and when he called around to various rescue organizations he discovered the truth.

Bobcat kitten
Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota

Tami Vogel, communications director for Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota, revealed that the man called them and they were able to take in the little kitten that wasn't a breed of domestic cat at all. It was actually a bobcat!

"We don't know what happened, but we can make a guess based on what we see with a lot of other wildlife "� a predator passed by, then everyone scattered," Vogel said. "Mom and the rest of the litter stayed together but this little one got separated somehow, and mom didn't realize it to come back and check."

What they usually do is perform a health check on the animals they take in and then bring them back to the place where they were found in hopes that the mother would come back for them. It's actually what they suggest anyone who finds a lost baby animal do.

Bobcat kitten
Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota

"That's what anyone should do who finds an orphaned wild animal that is not injured or in need of medical help. Don't feed it anything, don't handle it, put it back for mom to find," Vogel said. "Then, if it's still there the next day all alone, bring it to a licensed rehabber."

However in circumstances like this, where the young animal was found in a dangerous location, the rescue organization may decide it would not be helpful to bring her back there. For this little one they couldn't bring her back because she had already been alone for a whole night, and because there were vehicles driving around.

The bobcat kitten was in good health other than her dehydration, so Vogel revealed it wouldn't be long before she's back out in the world. "She will spend a few days with us stabilizing then we'll transfer her to another rehabber who works with bobcats. She'll eventually return to the wild."

It's good to know the proper way to help out these wild animals, because our instincts might make us do things that would actually end up harming them. Obviously you have to keep an eye on them and make sure that their mom comes back for them, but at least now these rehab facilities revealed how long to wait.

Glad this little lady is going to be safe and sound now!

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Luckily, even though you can't rescue all the wild animals, there are lots of domestic animals who need help too. Sometimes these rescue animals end up saving your life!

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