Mark Wahlberg Opens Up About Secret Feud With Leonardo DiCaprio


In Hollywood, celebrity feuds are a dime a dozen. While the media is constantly reporting stories of stars who've had a long history of animosity between them, it's always a surprise to see a rift between two people you'd least suspect.

Kathy Griffin recently sat down with Variety, and shared her harsh criticisms towards Ellen DeGeneres. The My Life On The D-List star made it clear that her disdain towards DeGeneres is rooted in the fact that the beloved comedian and the late Joan Rivers didn't get along.

"One of the things that really hurt Joan, and we talked about it at our last meal together, was that Ellen always shunned her and Ellen thought she was vulgar and not funny," Griffin said, adding that when her mentor passed away, she reached out to the talk show host and asked her to do a tribute.

"I just called her and I just said, 'Look, woman to woman, comic to comic, I think you need to let go of your hatred for Joan Rivers. She's passed away, just do a f"�king tribute, be cool,'" Griffin said.

She alleged DeGeneres refused to do so, which prompted Griffin to call her a "talentless hack."

While fans are still reeling over Griffin's inappropriate comments, she isn't the only celebrity who's discussed the tension they've had with an A-List star this week.

On July 24, Mark Wahlberg sat down at the LEAP Foundation conference at UCLA where he revealed he almost lost his role in 1995's The Basketball Diaries, due to the shared hostility between himself and Leonardo DiCaprio.

"He didn't want me for the part, and I didn't think he was right for the part. We both had to really learn how to respect each other, and we earned it,"� Wahlberg explained at the conference.

The Boogie Nights actor added that while the pair didn't initially get along, he and DiCaprio eventually became friends.

"Leonardo was like, "�Over my dead f"�"� body. Marky Mark's not going to be in this f"�"� movie,'"� he continued. "Because we'd had a thing "� I didn't even realize it, [but] I was a bit of a d"� to him at a charity basketball game. So he was like, "�This f"�"� a"�"� is not going to be in this movie.'"�

"So I come in and I do the audition and I kind of look at him and he kind of looks at me, and then we do a scene, and they're like, "�Hmm, this f"�"� dude's pretty good, right?'"� Wahlberg said. "The next thing you know, boom, we're hanging out."�

But, this isn't the first time Wahlberg opened up about his relationship with the Titanic star.

In a 2015 interview with Huffington Post, the former rapper divulged on what had actually occurred at the MTV Rock and Jock charity basketball game.

"I was performing in my underwear at halftime, and I think I had blocked a shot of his. I was a punk. I was a pr*ck. I was not nice to Leo that day,"� Wahlberg admitted.

It's a good thing the two former foes didn't let their short feud affect their careers, as DiCaprio and Wahlberg both went on to become two of the most successful actors in Tinseltown. They even reunited for 2006's The Departed, which won the Academy award for Best Picture.

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