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McDonald's Christmas Ad Is Here And It Is The Best One Yet

It's that time of year, where the magic of the holidays meet the clever ads that really get us start thinking.

The John Lewis Christmas ad has already been released and now our favorite fast food chain has us reaching for the tissues, yet again.

Well done, McDonald's, you got us again.

"Our campaign focuses on the anticipation, excitement and little moments of magic the run-up to Christmas brings,"� says Emily Somers, VP of Marketing and Food Development at McDonald's U.K. "Our TV ad focuses on one little girl's preparation for the big day, saving a carrot stick for the reindeer, a tradition the whole country will relate to. The wider campaign is also designed to reflect those moments of preparation that we all go through at Christmas. We can't wait for people to see our campaign and look forward to seeing people all over the country be inspired to get #ReindeerReady."�

They will continue the campaign on Snapchat with Reindeer Face Lens and a game called "Carrot Run".

"We're so proud to be launching our most ambitious Christmas campaign for McDonald's yet, with loads of treats and surprises in store for our customers and audiences,"� gushes chief creative officer Chaka Sobhani of Leo Burnett. "With playful unique Snapchat filters, a mobile reindeer game and branded Christmas carrots, we hope the story of our little girl (and her dad) warms the hearts of the nation, captures the magic of the Christmas spirit and has everyone asking that all important question, are you #ReindeerReady?"�

What keeps us all captivated is how adorable the little girl is.

The ad drops at the same time the chain launches its new festive menu, which has them rebranding carrots as Reindeer Treats as they inspire everyone to become #ReindeerReady.

The clip tells the story of a father and daughter having McDonald's together before doing their Christmas shopping, where she decides to save her last carrot of her Happy meal, telling him "It's for the reindeer" as a Christmas Eve treat.

Clutching the carrot in her grasp, she continues to tell those she meets why she's saving the single baby carrot.


Her dad even gets on board and explains to a passenger on the bus.

When the pair finally arrive home, she shares the news with her mom, in a sweet exchange.

Until her brother chimes in: "You know there's more than one, right?"

Thanks bro.


That sparks another trip to the famous chain, where dad orders an entire bag of carrot sticks in the drive-thru window. He even tries to order a cheeseburger for "Santa", until his daughter corrects him saying he only eats mince meat pies.

"Daddy,"� his precocious child sighs, "Father Christmas only eats mince pies."�

What did you think of the ad? Have your kids ever done something similar?

Source: Adweek / Digital Spy / Metro