Melania Trump Is Making Some Big Changes To Her Hair For The First Time In Years


No one can send America's press into a tizzy quite like First Lady Melania Trump.

Last week, while visiting a Toys for Tots event, the First Lady's good deed was overshadowed by her new do, as headlines around the world marked her changed hairstyle - with noticeably a noticeably lighter color and shorter cut.

"Yup, Melania Trump Is Definitely Blonde," reported Vanity Fair. "Melania Trump Dyed Her Hair Blonde and Twitter Can't Handle It," announced Cosmo.

Melania Trump Blond
Melania's blond locks were on display during her visit to the U.S.S. George H.W. Bush.Melania Trump - Twitter

And, of course, the public rushed to weigh in on Melania's updated look as well:

"I think Melania mixed up her hair dye with Donald," one Twitter user joked.

Others brought up the old Coco Chanel quote, "A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life," and pondered what changes could be in store for Melania.

But just three short days later, Melania was back to her old self and spotted sporting darker hair again at the Congressional Ball.

Melania Trump blond hair
The First Lady's hair was still light during her visit to the Children's National Hospital in Washington on the 13th.Melania Trump - Twitter

While Melania has not answered any questions about her changing looks so far, it's clear that she thinks carefully about something as small as a new haircut.

Her hair stylist, Mordechai Alvow, revealed that Melania chose to keep her hair in one consistent style during the run-up to her husband's presidential campaign.

"When someone is going to be in the eyes of the public and will constantly be on the news, there is a look that people want to understand and be comfortable with and associate with," he explained.

To be clear, Alvow does not color the First Lady's hair.

Melania Trump
Melania's hairstyle, seen here in a photo from Thanksgiving, has barely changed since 2015.Melania Trump - Twitter

This week's blonde experiment wasn't the first time Melania's hair has made headlines. Shortly after President Trump's election, actress Olivia Wilde announced she had gotten a cut to avoid having "Melania Hair."

The comment kicked off a fiery debate between Wilde's Instagram followers, but two years later Melania still seems happy with her signature style - even if she can't decide on a color.

[H/T: Vanity Fair]

What did you think of Melania's blond look? Should she try it again?

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