This Memory Test Will Give Your Brain a Workout

We're bombarded with logos every day, but how well can we recognize them?

Here are 8 simple images that will test your short-term and long-term memory skills.

This is not meant to be difficult, but you may be surprised by the end result.

8. Observe the picture below carefully.  

7. Which business logo is correct?

6. Which food logo is correct?

5. Which Wikipedia logo is correct?

4. Which logo of this television broadcast company is correct? Do you also remember the company's name?

3. Which logo is correct?

2. What food company uses this logo?

1. What is the name of the business that uses this logo?

How well do you think you did? Here are the answers...

8. Do you remember how many pears and apples were in the first picture?

There were 3 pears and 1 apple.

7. If you chose the logo in the middle, you are correct!

6. If you chose the logo on the left, you are correct!

This one really tests your memory skills, because you'd have to pay attention to whether the domino starts with two white dots or one white dot.

5. If you chose the logo on the right, you are correct!

Notice how the 'A' in Wikipedia is capitalized.

4. If you chose the logo on the right, you are correct!

3. Did you mix up the colors? The correct logo is the one on the right.

2. If you often buy groceries, you've definitely noticed the Del Monte logo.

1. Toblerone may not be the most popular chocolate option, but you can always find it in the chocolate aisle.

How many of these logos did you recognize? How many of these logos were you able to identify correctly? Let us know in the comments! Don't forget to share this story and test your friend's memory skills!

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