Milk Bottle Manicure Is The Latest Nail Trend And People Are Very Confused

Nail Sunny/Instagram

Bare nails can be boring, so playing around with nail polish colors and designs is a great way to not only dress up your nails, but to show off your creative side.

Over the years, we have evolved from decorating our nails with basic lines and dots to using mesmerizing 3D design techniques.

Nail art has recently taken off online, but as with anything that gains popularity on the internet, people have taken it to a whole new level, and we don't know how to feel about it.

Dain Yoon/Twitter

Throughout 2018, funky and weird nail design trends have been popping up all over social media.

In September, we saw people incorporating corn kernels into their manicures. The "Real Corn Nails" were a creation by Nail Sunny, which is often dubbed as the number one nail art salon in Russia.

Just when we thought they couldn't top that, the chain has proven us wrong once again with their latest creation.

The salon recently shared a tutorial of one of their most creative yet bizarre acrylic nail designs to date, and it really sets the bar for ridiculous manicures.

Milk Bottle Nails

A manicurist at Nail Sunny recently revealed a new nail design that looks like a baby's bottle filled with a liquid that looks very similar to milk.

The base of the nails form the part of the bottle containing the liquid while the tips are shaped into the bottle nipples, which are pierced to let the liquid squirt out.

As expected, people were very confused about the nails, many questioning why Nail Sunny even bothered to create them.

"Why is that something people like to do," wrote one follower while another chimed in, "Who the heck thought this was a good idea?!"

One user expressed what many others were thinking when they said that "this [weird nail art] is getting out of control."

"This is just nasty looking...Totally would not waste money on something so tacky," commented another. A few more comments echoed similar sentiments, calling the milk bottle nails "rotten" and "disgusting."

However, not everyone thought the nails were awful. One Instagram user agreed that the nails can't be functional, but the creativity that went into the process should be acknowledged.

"I mean I understand the hate but you gotta give these guys props for being artsy and experimental. Still though I feel like at best these acrylics would be form over function," they wrote.

Watch the video below if you're curious to see how the artsy nail came together:

What are your thoughts on the milk bottle nails?

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