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Preschooler Runs Off With Baby Jesus During Nativity Play, The Audience Reaction Is Priceless [Video]

Tana Benson

A group of kids in a church nativity play added a new twist to the Greatest Story Ever Told, and it had parents in stitches.

Proud mom Tana Benson was taping her daughter Teegan's performance as the sheep when she decided to flip the script. As Tana explains, her daughter has been singing all the play's songs nonstop for weeks, and she loves babies, which was a recipe for disaster when she stepped on the stage.

Tana Benson with her daughters Teegan and Taylor. Tana Benson

"They were all itching to get up there so they could dance along with the music," Tana explained. The kids were just in the midst of singing "Away in the Manger" when Teegan made her move, grabbing the baby Jesus doll out of his manger and carrying him away for a dance.

All was calm before Teegan made her move.Tana Benson

Thankfully, the parents in the audience got a kick out of Teegan's improvisation, but the rest of the cast didn't. That's when the trouble started, and the video turned from "just funny" into a viral hit.

The way Tana tells the story, the three-year-old playing Mary was "a middle child and a real stickler for the rules," and she didn't hesitate to snatch back "her" baby.

But Teegan refused to give up, starting a tug of war between her and the older girl. "She just really wanted that baby Jesus," Tana says.

My little sheep took the baby Jesus, breaking all the rules leaving poor little Mary no choice but to take action! Momma to the rescue tried her best to protect her baby at all costs. Definitely a program I will remember. LOVE these kiddos and my church family! Laughed so hard I cried!

Posted by Tana Benson on Sunday, December 10, 2017

Even after Tana escorted her daughter off the stage, Mary still had an earful for both of them.

"When I went up to take Teegan's hand and walk her off the stage, the little girl playing Mary said, 'She touched the baby Jesus! We weren't supposed to touch the baby Jesus!' I told her we were sorry!"

The proud mom also revealed what happened after the camera stopped rolling: apparently the audience kept on laughing over the disruption well into the church's charity dinner after the play. Tana says her daughter is enjoying her 15 minutes of fame, but says the video is also an important reminder about the true meaning of Christmas.

"I'm really glad that a video like this can bring some light into the season," she told Today. "This is a good way to share the message and remind everyone of the reason for the season, which is Jesus."

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