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12 Things Only "NCIS" Fanatics Will Understand

There have never been a more dedicated group of fans than those who love NCIS. We have stuck around as characters are written off, the cast deals with drama off-screen, and the show continues on and on for years. Truly, NCIS fans are a special kind, and there are some things only they understand.

1. Wanting Gibbs to make rules for our own lives.


Gibbs has rules for absolutely everything, and that's probably why he seems so put together! What I wouldn't give to have Gibbs sit down and write out a list of rules for me (and my family) to follow. Who doesn't love structure in their lives?

2. Trying to figure out how Abby pulls off her crazy outfits.


One of Abby's best qualities is her fashion sense. She wears what she wants and doesn't care what anyone else thinks. Of course, if I tried to dress like her, my friends would think something was wrong! But I guess I can't just say "Well, Abby would have worn this!!"

3. Wondering how DiNozzo and McGee don't have mild concussions from all the head slaps!

These two are always getting smacked around by Gibbs (and everyone else) and you have to wonder how it's affecting their brains! Obviously it's just a joke and it's not a hard hit at all, but I can't help but wonder if someone ever took the hit one step too far, what would HR say?

4. Craving a Caf-Pow, even though you've never had one!


We could all use some "x-treme caffeine" now and then, but only NCIS know what it's like to think "I could really go for a Caf-Pow right about now!" I'm sure they would be out-lawed for their "x-treme" sugar and caffeine content, but I bet it would power me through a Monday morning!

5. Imagining what DiNozzo's nickname for you would be.


McCranky, McCreep, McGeek, McGoober, McGossip, McGullible, McSmarty Pants, Probie...the list goes on and on for McGee! But you're not a real NCIS fan if you never sit and wonder what DiNozzo would call you if you were best friends.

6. Trying to keep up with DiNozzo's references (and also wanting him on your trivia team!)


Where does he find the time to keep up with pop culture while solving crimes seemingly all the time? His endless references leave us out of breath as we try and keep up! But one thing is for sure, if the team ever plays Trivial Pursuit, he's got them all beat.

7. Asking yourself "what would Ducky do?" in times of trouble.


Ducky is the all-knowing father figure you wish you had at your side 24/7 he has advice and an opinion on everything, and he's usually always right. Whether you're making a small decision, like what to order for dinner, or a big one, like how to deal with a problem at work, always ask "what would Ducky do?" and then go with that.

8. Yearning for DiNozzo to find love.


We may love DiNozzo unconditionally, but it always seems like his romantic relationships fall apart. He deserves someone kind and gentle, like him, even though he has a tendency to be a bit of a smart-ass. You always want the best for him, just like he's your own son!

9. Getting inspired by Gibbs to DIY around to the house.


We don't often get to see inside Gibbs's personal life, but when we do, we're envious of his craftsmanship! Whenever we see Gibbs building something, it inspires us to start doing more projects around the house. Then, of course, we fail...and we just go back to watching NCIS.

10. Knowing not to guess "whodunnit" because there's always a twist.


Some shows it's fun to try and guess who committed the crime or what is going to happen next, but not NCIS. You can guarantee there's going to be a huge plot twist halfway through the episode that changes absolutely everything. Never get attached to your theories!

11. And when you guess correctly, you've got your application to the NCIS ready to go.

Seriously, you feel like a rockstar when this happens.

12. Feeling your heart get ripped out when DiNozzo left.


We get it, okay? DiNozzo left for the right reasons, and so did Michael Weatherly. But that doesn't mean it hurt any less!! At least he wasn't killed off...because that would have been too much for my heart to handle.

13. And finally, dreading the day the show ends because you don't watch anything else.


We've had 15 seasons of NCIS so far, and that still doesn't seem like enough. I don't remember what I used to watch before it came on, and I can't even imagine what I'll watch when it ends. Re-runs just aren't the same!

What's your favorite part about "NCIS"?

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