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7 Things You Should Never Put In Your Washing Machine


Laundry is, sadly, a necessary part of life. But that doesn't mean we have to like it, or spend any more time thinking about it than we already have to.

If you're not careful, you may overlook some important rules. That doesn't sound serious, until your expensive appliance is broken and your basement is flooded.

You can avoid that by keeping these 7 things out of your laundry machine.

1. Extra product

You need to add chemicals like laundry detergent and fabric softeners to your load, but there can be too much of a good thing. Over-filling the machine with detergent is known to break the control panel inside.

And adding too much softener has its own downside: it will wreck your clothes.

2. Lingerie

Follow the tags on your unmentionables, which usually won't mention the washing machine. Lingerie normally features hooks and wires, which can damage your machine, or other clothes.

3. Running shoes

On top of being really noisy, dropping a pair of shoes into your machine is a sure way to damage it. If you must wash them, make sure they're secured with this clever hack.

But beware: rubber shoes can shrink in the wash, and are not safe to put in the dryer.

4. Coins

Everyone already tries to keep coins out of their laundry, but here's a good reason to double-check your pockets:

Those small pieces of metal can slide into a washer's drain pump, where they rip apart the machinery. If you have a front-loading model, coins have also been known to shatter those glass doors.

5. Keys

Just like coins, leaving a small, sharp piece of metal in your laundry is a recipe for disaster. With modern car keys it's even worse, because they usually contain batteries or other electronic parts.

6. Baby socks

We don't tend to think about this, but some pieces of clothing are too small to be safely washed. Baby hats, mitts, and socks are known for getting trapped in washer vents and hoses.

7. Too much laundry

You probably realize that if you crowd a load of laundry, dirty clothes won't get a thorough cleaning. But you can also ruin your machine's bearings and suspension system by piling in extra clothes.

While we're on the subject, your dryer could use some extra care as well.

Here are some tips to keep your washing machine's partner in good condition:

  • Don't throw in running shoes. In a dryer, the rubber soles are a fire hazard as they heat up quickly.
  • Leave bras and underwear out of the dryer, as they shrink and lose their elasticity.
  • Anything with sequins, stones, or a printed design doesn't belong in the dryer. Unless you're willing to lose the small pieces and wreck your machine.
  • Swimwear isn't designed for high temperatures, and will fall apart in the dryer.

Remember to read the tags on your clothes so you won't make an expensive mistake!

Did anything on the list surprise you?

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