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New Machine Will Actually Fold Laundry For You

Is there a household task that's more hated than putting away laundry? According to plenty of people (including this writer's own girlfriend), no, there isn't; not even doing the dishes or taking out the trash.


Laundry admittedly does have a pretty long and involved process to itself; sorting different loads, loading up the washer and dryer, waiting for them to be done, sorting it all out and putting it away etc.

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Not to mention, if you're not the most coordinated person on the planet, it can be difficult to fold clothes effectively. Pants are easy enough, but folding a shirt is a surprisingly complicated process that I'm pretty sure everybody completely hates, especially when it doesn't turn out how you wanted.

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Well, it turns out that this must be a widespread-enough hatred for someone to decide to do something about it, because Foldimate are trying to offer a machine that folds your clothes for you!

In a pitch video released on Youtube, the upstart company shows off the technology of their titular machine, which clips shirts and the like onto the front and automatically folds them for you, then deposits them through a slot at the bottom.

The Foldimate is still in its development phase and hasn't been released yet, but we're personally very excited at the idea of never having to fold our own clothes again.

What do you think? Would you buy a Foldimate?