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Your Birthday Reveals Which Tarot Card Represents You, And Can Identify Your True Life Path

It seems like so much of who you are comes from when you were born. The date you arrive in this world can tell you what your zodiac sun sign is, while the moon's position in the sky reveals your moon sign.

The year when you are born can give you some insight into your personality if you take into consideration the Chinese zodiac, but that's not all your birthday can tell you.

The date you are born on can be compiled into a single number, and this number reveals which tarot card most accurately describes your life path.

It's really simple to figure out what your number is. All you have to do is add up all of the digits in your birthday.

For example, if your birthday was on June 27, 1962, then you would add 6+2+7+1+9+6+2 = 33.

But to properly find your number, you always need to reduce it to a single digit, so you would then add 3+3=6. So 6 would be your life path number.

We have an easy to use calculator that will give you the number in a flash.  

So now that you have your life path number, let's find out what that means.

#1 - The Magician

You subscribe to the mentality that anything and everything is possible. You are powerful, confident, and are able to take leadership roles without hesitation or complaint.

You are ambitious and inspired when you are going after your goals, and are always striving to accomplish the next thing.

You have a tendency to be a little bit stubborn if you aren't in control, but it's because you feel as though you know the right way to make things happen.

#2 - The High Priestess

You are always in the know and have this innate ability at searching for the answers. You have a deep connection to the psychic world, and can often interpret more than what others can perceive.

You always know others better than they know themselves, even though it's usually a small pool of people.

You can come off as aloof and it's hard to get to know you, because you never like to lighten up. You always want things to have a deeper meaning, and can look too far into things that could just be simple.

#3 - The Empress

You know how to make sure you are living your life to the fullest, and aren't afraid to indulge in all the things you want. You are creative and good at noticing details, and aren't afraid to ask for exactly what you want.

You tend to have a large social circle because you are loving and caring to those in your life.

Because of your tendencies to splurge on yourself, you can come off as materialistic and possessive. You like your things and aren't usually willing to give it up.

#4 - The Emperor

You are never afraid to put in the effort that needs to be given, because you feel most comfortable when you have a steady life.

You thrive on routine and are always dependable to show up and get the job done.

However, because you can be such a stickler for the rules it can be hard to work alongside you. You often feel like your way is the only way, and can forget that the people you are working with are only human.

#5 - The Hierophant

You are full of wisdom, and as a bonus, are extremely good at sharing your knowledge with the people around you. You are both a good listener, as well as a strong communicator, making you the ideal person to go to for advice.

You have a deep love of history and tradition, and always know what to bring forward and what to change.

Sometimes, you can get stuck in the past, because it feels easier to do things as they always were instead of moving forward.

You also can get exhausted by always having people coming to you with their questions, even though you do genuinely love it, because you have a hard time saying no when you've had enough.

#6 - The Lovers

While you are a romantic person, this card doesn't mean all you care about is relationships. You are an enthusiastic and creative person who is always looking for a new opportunity and ready to try new things.

Your communication skills are strong and you are excellent at mediating situations because you realize that there are two sides to every story.

Your romantic tendencies do tend to make you a little bit unrealistic in your expectations. You also can get distracted by all the new ideas you have and can leave things unfinished.

#7 - The Chariot

You believe that everything is always moving forward, and will never procrastinate on a task. You have clear goals and always follow through with them.

You are able to help people push past their differences to work together and get everyone on the same page in order to get the job done.

You can be bossy at times, and have a hard time seeing the bigger picture. You put your goals ahead of other's opinions, and are frustrated when they try to go against your thoughts.

#8 - Strength

You have an introspective nature that helps you have a greater understanding of who you really are. You are loving and compassionate which helps you maintain relationships easily.

You have a quite confidence about you and it draws in people to you.

Your calm nature sometimes leads you to getting stepped on by those with louder voices than your own.

You often feel ignored and this causes you to hold onto your emotions even tighter than before because you feel as though there is no point in sharing them.

#9 - The Hermit

You are wise beyond your years, and while it may seem to others that you are always distracted, you are actually just deep in thought. You thrive in solitary environments, when you are capable of fully understanding your own thoughts.

You understand the world at a deeper level then most, and can offer excellent advice to others.

You can seem detached from society because you are so comfortable being on your own, and at times can come across as a know-it-all to others.

You also tend to miss the things going on around you because you are so lost in your own mind.

Does your life path number reveal a lot about who you are?

Source - The Numerologist