Why Omeprazole ODT Should Be On Your Wishlist This Holiday Season

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It doesn't seem so long ago that I wanted to unwrap the latest Power Ranger action figure when Christmas morning came, but now my wish list is topped by something completely different.

Getting older has some pros and cons, and during the holiday season you feel the cons more than the pros, especially when it comes to food. Holidays revolve around food, sweets, cookies, pies and of course lots and lots of meat.

My mouth is watering just thinking about it, but my stomach is also flaring up.

Heartburn can be a serious thorn in your side during the holidays, but thankfully there's a great way to deal with heartburn without giving up what you've looked forward to for a year.

Omeprazole Orally Disintegrating Tablet (ODT) is going to be the gift that keeps on giving this holiday season. Just don't wait until Christmas Day to unwrap it. It works just like Omeprazole that's currently available, but is easy to take with a strawberry flavor that makes it no chore to take your medicine. It's MELTech technology lets it melt on your tongue; no glass of water required!

Omeprazole ODT

You can find it easily at Walgreens or other stores.

You probably already have your holiday schedule all planned out (if you don't you should get on that) and you should work Omeprazole ODT into those plans. Take 1 dose the day before you're about to eat your big meal or any of your trigger foods and you'll have effective relief the next day. You don't have to sit out on seconds anymore because Omeprazole ODT's long-lasting protection works great for frequent heartburn sufferers.

Omeprazole ODT

You can take Omeprazole ODT for 14 days for effective relief from heartburn right through the whole holiday season.

The only heat you should be feeling this year is from a warm fire, not from your stomach. Omeprazole ODT will help you enjoy your holidays like you used to. Is there a better gift than that?

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