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Oreo's Ultimate Dunking Set Are The Tools Everyone Needs This Christmas

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Oreo cookies are perhaps the most recognizable cookie brand in the country. Basically all of us have eaten hundreds of Oreos in our lives, and we will probably never stop.

The best thing about an Oreo is perhaps it's versatility. You can take a cookie, open it up, eat the icing separately and then eat the cookie, or you could chomp down on it as a whole, or any other combination of ways that you do so choose.

One thing that I think we can all agree makes a cookie better is to have it with a glass of milk. Oreos are a great cookie for dipping, and now they've created the perfect system for you so you don't have to get covered in cookie crumbs!

Oreo created an official "Ultimate Dunking Set", that includes a mug with an attached cookie holster and then little tongs to hold on to the cookie without having to get your fingers in the milk!

It's a perfect little system! You can stack six or seven cookies (obviously the minimum serving of Oreos, please don't lecture me on serving size) in the little holster, and then fill the glass mug up with milk, and with your little tongs you can sit on the couch and have the perfect treat to wind down after a long day.

They are available at Walmart and only cost $17.98! They would make the perfect little Christmas gift or even just a fun thing to have around your house this holiday season for guests.

Source - Walmart / People / Delish

Who else wants to go grab the Ultimate Dunking Set?