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People Are Boycotting The Product Responsible For 'This Is Us' Tragic Death

Daily Mail

Fans are taking to the internet to decry the home appliance that caused the death of the lead actor from the popular TV series This Is Us.

The show looks at the lives of family members who coincidentally all share the same birth date, and the ways that their lives intertwine. The episodes bounce between several decades, with multiple story arcs that influence the family members.

One of the staple plot lines throughout the show was the death of father, Jack Pearson. It was hinted at from the premiere and as the show developed, theories abounded as people tried to guess what was the cause of his apparent untimely end.

Recently, the show aired an episode that seems to have finally revealed the cause of death for their beloved character, and the show's creator unwittingly caused a social media firestorm for the product that started it all.

Let's just say, Crock-Pot wasn't happy in the slightest.

At the end of the most recent episode "That'll Be The Day" it becomes clear that it was a faulty Crock-Pot that leads to the tragic death of Jack.

The appliance was given to them with a cryptic warning that the switch doesn't always work, and when Jack goes to turn it off at night, it starts a fire that ultimately leads to his death.

Fans were heartbroken, and even the show's creator piped up that he was sad to have reached this point in the show.

After the episode aired, there was an outpouring of fans saying that they no longer trusted their kitchen appliances, and began collectively trashing the brand.

This brought out a response from Crock-Pot who assured everyone that their products are safety-tested constantly, and to high standards.

Even the show's creator piped up and told everyone to simmer down!

The next episode will ironically air after the Superbowl, Jack Pearson's last day alive.

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